Last updated: December 26th, 2019

The drill is one of the most common tools you can keep in your home and and is also important as well as track saw or your framing nailer. Previously people typically bought a corded drill but lately, cordless drills have become more popular than corded models.
The cordless drills are less powerful than the good old corded drill but the difference is smaller nowadays. Thanks to improved batteries, cordless drills have become both lighter and more powerful.
In addition to the benefits available such as provides convenience and freedom of movement, with more power, can help you get your job done quickly and effectively.
If you’re a carpenter or handyman looking to increase productivity, you have to work smarter, not harder and a better way to do that is using a powerful cordless drill.

In this article, we looked at some of the most powerful cordless drill available, all of these units provides as much power as you need to get the job done.

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Factors to Consider a Most Powerful Cordless Drill


The power of cordless drill is determined by the voltage stored in their batteries, in general, the more the voltage, the more powerful the drill.

For light-duty drillings, such as most homeowners might do around the house, a 12-volt cordless drill can do the job. A compact drill can also drive screws, though not very deep or very fast. If you need to drill large holes or sink long screws, it could be worth stepping up to a powerful cordless drill, that has enough power and features to take on most jobs around the home.

But high voltage is not enough to talk about the most powerful cordless drill, you also should be interested in speed and torque.


The speed of a cordless drill driver is measured in RPM (Rotations Per Minute) and refers to how fast the chuck can turn.

Manufacturer’s specifications refer to a tool’s maximum speed as ‘no-load’. This is the maximum speed that can be attained by the tool WITHOUT encountering ANY resistance (or ‘load’). Usually, the RPM will be reduced once your drill comes into contact with anything.

Some drills allow you to change the speed of the tool and, as with torque, you should do this depending on the material or task you are doing.

While a fast-speed drill is ideal for driving screws or drilling into softer materials, the most powerful cordless drill that can be drilling into hard materials with low-speed (greater torque).


Torque is best described as the turning or twisting force that the tool can produce and is measured in Newton Metres (Nm) or Inch Pounds.

If you’re going to be switching between materials, you need to be able to change the torque setting to suit what you are working on. For heavy materials like brickwork, a high torque setting is best. However, if you’re drilling through wood or plasterboard, a low torque setting will help to reduce the likelihood of any damage occurring.

High torque features many different components, and having a sound understanding of these plays an important part in the purchasing process. knowledge of these parts also aids in the efficient and effective use of the tool.

High torque drills are basically low geared rotary drills that are hence capable of producing a large amount of torque. this huge turning force enables than to perform tasks such as mixing paint and plaster, even boring huge holes through wood and thick metal.

Most cordless drills require the clutch. A cordless drill’s clutch is a device similar to the transmission clutch of a vehicle and allows the user to control the amount of torque applied for various drilling and driving applications. Clutches have multiple settings that vary from low to high torque.

Whether you’re someone who needs a good cordless drill for professional reasons or just someone who likes to tinker around the house, a powerful cordless drill is an indispensable tool. We’ve got the right one for you. Just read through, click on the one that best suits your needs, and put one of these most powerful cordless drills in your hands.

Most Powerful Cordless Drill Reviews

Most Powerful Cordless Drill

#1. Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 Fuel 1/2″ Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

Key Features

Powerful and Durable

The Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 Hammer Drill is the Most Powerful cordless drill with 18-volt battery on the market. Milwaukee cordless tools are known for dependability and have a solid reputation for being some of the finest professional-grade products available.  Having the FUEL designation means that these tools feature brushless motors, making them, strong yet long-lasting

The POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor delivers up to 1,200 in-lbs of torque. Depending on the nature of your project, it has two variable speed settings: 0-550 and 0-2,000 RPM, providing faster-drilling speed under heavy load to increase productivity. The brushless motor is also designed to deliver a longer run-time for lesser interruptions to recharge. The hammer can punch at a whopping 32,000 times every minute. All these power is conveniently tucked into a compact build that is arguably the smallest in this class of drills.

Best cordless drill

You are thinking 1,200 in-lbs of max torque means it is a huge unit, right? Wrong. This particular hammer drill is small; its length at a mere 7.75 inches. It weighs 3.5 lbs which is light in relation to its heavy power.

Battery & Run Time

The best cordless drill comes with the best battery. The Milwaukee 2704-22 M18 is powered by REDLITHIUM-ION™ 5.0 Ah Battery pack. This is one of the best lithium-ion batteries for cordless power tools in the industry. It delivers up to 2.5 times more run time, 20% more power and 2 times more life than standard 18V lithium-ion batteries.

The new M18™ REDLITHIUM-ION™ 5.0 Ah Battery pack is a ground-up re-design, providing the highest performance and best protection against job-site conditions. This battery works great with all M18 Milwaukee cordless tools such as impact drivers, cordless drills, angle drills, portable vacuum, even cordless pressure washer.

Design and  Ergonomics

The 2704-22’s has ergonomically designed takes into consideration the comfort of the user as he or she works long hours on a job. Even with its 1,200 in. lbs. of torque, the auxiliary handle of this hammer drill is comparatively shorter than most. This makes handling the hammer drill less awkward, especially if you are using the side handle in high-torque applications.

It’s pretty darned comfortable to use without the side handle, too. But keep in mind that, like other high-powered drills, it’s safer and more controlled to use in high torque applications, or when there’s the risk of binding or kick-back.

Final Thoughts

Best Cordless Hammer Drill

#2. Makita XPH07MB 18V LXT BL Hammer Drill Kit

Key Features
  • The BL brushless motor delivers 1,090 in. lbs. of max torque;
  • All metal variable 2-speed transmission (0-550 and 0-2,100 RPM) for a wide range of drilling
  • 0-31,500 BPM for fast hammer drilling in masonry materials
  • Compact and ergonomic design at only 8-1/8 in. long, weighing only 5.9 lbs
  • Dual LED lights illuminate the work area
  • The rapid optimum charger has a built-in fan to cool the battery for faster, more efficient charging
  • 3-year limited warranty on tool, battery, and charger.

Speed: 2,100 RPM
Torque: 1,090 in-lbs
Blows Per Minute: 31,500

Powerful and Durable

For such a low 18-volt power supply the Makita XPH07MB is the most powerful cordless Drill from Makita brand. It is very competent in a wide range of tasks from drilling in wood, steel, and masonry With the capability to deliver an arm-breaking 1090in/lbs of torque and a max speed of 2100RPM (under no load). The blows per minute for the hammer function are between 8,250 (low speed) and 31,500 (high speed).  This is enough to quickly chew through just about any type of masonry.

This cordless hammer drill features all-metal variable 2-speed transmission. With dual speed ranges (0-550 RPM and 0-2100 RPM), this tool allows you to tackle a wide range of applications which can use for driving large screws or rapid drilling. Increasing pressure on the trigger will increase tool speed. As a safety feature, the trigger cannot be pulled when you put the reversing switch in the neutral position. This tool also has a reversing switch so that you can change the direction of rotation.

The incredible power of the Makita XPH07MB comes from the Makita’s BL brushless motor that means greater efficiency, more power, longer runtime, and longer tool life.

Addition on, Makita XPH07MB comes with Star Protection Computer Controls. This system enables the device to exchange real-time data with the battery, to protect the device against overloading, over-discharging and overheating

Battery & Run Time

TThe  Makita XPH07MB hammer driver-drill kit includes two 18V LXT Lithium-Ion batteries and a rapid charger. With a rapid charging system, the battery BL1840 reaches a full charge in only 40 minutes. Their new 4.0 batteries can charge over twice as fast as some other brands that are going to get you back to work faster and keep you working all day. It has a 3-stage L.E.D. gauge indicating battery charge level.

Combine with the Star electronic communication hardware, Makita tells us that they are getting up to 50% greater run time with this motor.

Design and  Ergonomics

This tool is suitable for heavy-duty professional use but also offers the flexibility to tick all the boxes for a home DIYer with Compact and ergonomic design at only 8-1/8 in. long, weighing only 5.9 lbs.

Designed for a variety of drilling, hammer drilling, and fastening applications, the Makita XPH07MB employs an action mode changing ring. Three modes are available: rotation only, rotation with hammering and rotation with the clutch. In the screwdriver mode, you can adjust the fastening torque in 21 steps. Many of us rarely use torque clutch settings. However, it is still a nice feature to have. More settings mean more control.

Final Thoughts

The Makita XPH07MB 18V LXT is one of the most powerful cordless drills on the market with a TON of torque. Professionals looking to replace an old cordless with something that offers more power and more battery life won’t be disappointed and for do-it-yourselfers, the Makita offers the flexibility to be the only drill/driver you need. With the priced less than $150, The Makita XPH07MB also is known the best budget cordless drill.

Note: They also offer the Makita XPH07TB option with a 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery that extends the life of a single charge.

Most Powerful 20-Volt Cordless Drill

#3. DEWALT DCD996P2 20V MAX XR Brushless Hammer Drill

Most Powerful 20-Volt Cordless Drill
Key Features
  • The powerful cordless drill is capable of giving 820 unit watts out of power;
  • Multi-speed control for a variety of applications (0-450/1,300/2,000 RPM);
  • LED light with the 20-second delay for increased visibility;
  • Withstands job site conditions as a durable and reliable tool;
  • Electronic clutch with 11 Setting;
  • Brushless motor for superior performance;
  • Weighs 3.4 lbs;
  • 3-year limited warranty on tool, battery, and charger.

Speed: 2,100 RPM
Units Watts Out: 820 UWO – translating to roughly 841 in. lbs. of torque (expert)
Blows Per Minute: 31,500

In the power race of cordless drills, the silhouette of the powerful drilling machines from Dewalt is indispensable, and the DeWalt DCD996P2 has been the one in the DeWalt range that has impressed a lot of its users by its power. From drilling holes in concrete to drilling into metal panels, it has proven to be a powerful and versatile battery-operated drill.

Powerful and Durable

Through the use of a brushless motor, people have commented that the DeWalt DCD996 is very good for power delivery. This powerful cordless drill is capable of giving you 820 unit watts out of power. If you will notice as well, the more affordable drills from the brand come with lower power rating clocking in at 500 UWO or below. Thus this drill’s 820 UWO is a clear indication of its high power.

If you doubt powerful of DeWalt DCD996P2  then cuts as a 3″ hole saw or a 1-1/2″ spade bit through 2x PT is made very smooth enough to dismiss the suspicion.

Due to its 3 speed settings, the unit can readily tackle a nice range of applications:

  • Speed 1: 0 to 450 RPM and as your higher torque setting for the largest holes;
  • Speed 2: 0 to 1300 RPM which is for medium-size holes and medium tasks;
  • Speed 3: 0 to 2000 RPM which is the maximum possible value. This sped is perfect for smaller holes like 3/4 inch holes.

Addition on, It provides 2,250 max RPM for hammer mode. It also includes a variable speed reversible feature and can operate in both reverse rotation, forward and variable speed.

The big thing about this hammer drill is that it provides 38,500 blows per minute! It’s a very good result. If you compare that to the Milwaukee 2704 which does 32,000 blows per minute you’ll see that the new Dewalt really packs a punch when drilling in concrete, masonry, and similar stuff.

The fact that it has a brushless motor is a good thing. With no carbon brushes, brushless motors run cooler than brushed motors. This translates to a longer life. Since there is no physical contact that could lead to energy losses, they offer greater power efficiency. With the 11 clutch settings and 3-speed settings, the tool is versatile enough to perform a wide range of tasks.

Battery & Run Time

This battery-powered drill will take any 20 volts Max Lithium-Ion battery from DeWalt. A number of battery options are available that include DCB203 (2Ah), DCB200 (3Ah), DCB204 (4Ah), and DCB205 (5Ah).
The DeWalt DCD996P2 is powered by one Dewalt DCB205 (5Ah) 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery that provides up to 60% more capacity than standard 20V MAX battery pack (DCB200). It is compatible with the complete line of DEWALT 20-Volt MAX tools and can be charged by all 20V Dewalt chargers.

This battery is really great for the “big jobs”. It’s one of the factors that makes the DeWalt DCD996P2 one of the most powerful cordless drill in its class. We charged it up during lunchtime and then it worked the rest of the day. We really like the way it maintains full power right up to the end of the charge. It doesn’t slowly lose power the way the NiCad batteries do.

Design and  Ergonomics

Featuring durable nitro-carburized metal ratcheting chucks and comfortable handle grips, these tools are GUARANTEED TOUGH for durability on the jobsite and include coated and sealed switches that help to resist moisture and dust contamination

Final Thoughts

The trend is going more and more towards cordless technology. To anyone looking for a most powerful cordless drill, this particular cordless tool is well worth the money. It comes with a 3-year warranty and a 90-day money back guaranty, the  DeWALT DCD996 is a really amazing tool every man must have in his garage.


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