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A refrigerator’s water dispenser and ice maker are convenient ways to get chilled water and crystal ice cubes. With the best refrigerator water filter, you always have a supply of clean, cold water and ice whenever you want it. 

Has a fact that, across the United States, somewhere between four and 32 million Americans fall victim to waterborne illness every year.

With a high-quality refrigerator water filter, you don’t need to worry about consuming any impurities which may be injurious for health. As well as, no more having to remember to pick up bottled water at the store or refilling a filtered pitcher such as a Britta after every drink.

Buying OEM filters (Original Equipment Manufacturer filters) is an expensive option, you can always consider choosing compatible generic filters.

Let’s with us answer the questions like ” Why do you need to change your refrigerator water filter”; ” What does a refrigerator water filter remove?”; “How often to replace your refrigerator water filter” and choose the best refrigerator water filter that worth it for you.

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The first, let’s take a look at some of our recommendations for the best refrigerator water filter

Comparison of Top 5 Refrigerator Water Filters

Are Refrigerator Water Filters Necessary?

In the recent models of refrigerators, the majority of the refrigerators have a water filter which is a connected water dispenser and ice maker. 

Many people ask question, are refrigerator water filters necessary? or Why do I need to change my refrigerator water filter? The answer depends upon the situation if you are living in an area where water purity is not sure then water filter is necessary because of it will eliminate dangerous elements from water, and you will enjoy the pure water.

However, water and ice dispensers of the refrigerator work the best with its filter and allow the constant flow of pure water. The best refrigerator water filter will remove the debris, minerals and other impurities from the water before turning it into ice.

If the water dispenser is used on a regular basis then it should be changed every six months. Replacement filters are available in the market and you can purchase them for your refrigerator.

The bottom line, the most obvious reason for need changing your refrigerator filter as well as use refrigerator water filters is you don’t want to be disgusting. 

You don’t want your dog drinking out of the toilet, right? It’s the same principle here, just a different source. The water that comes from your refrigerator has first traveled through miles of tubing to get to your refrigerator.

Along the way, the water picks up a few bugs that a good filter can usually remove before it goes into your glass, your mouth, your stomach, and back into the toilet water it most likely went in as. That is a circle of life.

Types of Refrigerator Water Filter

The type of refrigerator water filters will affect the price as well as the ways they are installed. The best refrigerator water filter is what are fit for your demand and compatible with your refrigerator. So let’s carry on and make it clear what specifics the various kinds of refrigerator filters have.

OEM & Aftermarket Refrigerator Water Filters

When to choose the best refrigerator water filter, sometimes you can hear some concepts like OCE filters or aftermarket filters. So what are OEC filters and aftermarket filters?  What’s the difference between an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) filter and an aftermarket filter?

This is a question our customer service representatives hear quite a bit. we’ll tell you all you ever wanted to know about OEM and aftermarket filters before looking for the right the best refrigerator water filter that right for you. So…

What is the OEM refrigerator water filter?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means the product was the original model designed. In terms of an OEM fridge filter, they are the filter that your manufacturer provides with your fridge. You can buy the OEM when you need to replace your we mention before, you’ll often be paying double the price for an OEM filter than you would for the aftermarket.

What is an aftermarket refrigerator water filter?

An aftermarket product is a secondary market that is differentiated by its manufacturer. Essentially, an aftermarket is a product made by someone other than the original manufacturer. With aftermarket parts being traditionally approximately 60% cheaper than OEM parts.

Aftermarket products are those that are not created by the same manufacturer but are made to fit and perform just as well as the original. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages

You can clearly see the difference by our comparison below

Althought both can use for samsung refrigerator, but you can see the OCE filter will be three times more expensive than aftermarket filters.

The Major Difference Is The Price. But, Why?

The reason behind this price difference is OEM filters come to market through the appliance parts supply chain and the number of parties in that chain tends to drive up the price.

In simpler terms: manufacturer sells to a distributor, distributor marks up to the retailer, then retailer marks up to the consumer. All of the “middlemen” must make money on the item, which naturally increases the price for customers. Aftermarket parts often come with a wide price range due to the number of brands and options.

The difference between OEM and compatible filters is few. The main thing you need to know is the aftermarket part seems compatible with your equipment, but sometimes they have fewer filtrations benefits than that of an OEM filter.

Although, what is the best refrigerator water filter? OEM or aftermarket refrigerator water filters that depend on you and some below different factors.  

Classified By Location

Before you can upgrade your refrigerator water filter, you need to determine which kind of filter is compatible with your fridge. In general, every type of refrigerator water filter will be corresponding to the different positions in the refrigerator. 

First, you need to determine where it’s located so you can have a good look at the size and other specs. The best refrigerator water filter is a type of compatible with your fridge. The following locations are the most common possibilities.


Most refrigerators filter water via a long, slim cartridge installed somewhere toward the base of the fridge, typically close to the grille. A few models also feature a protective knob covering designed to help the device blend in with the rest of the grille. This can make it hard to see, so look carefully.

Once you locate it, the filter cartridge will probably slide right out with just a slight twist. Other models feature a push button that will eject the filter cartridge with just a little pressure.

Drop Down

Other filters live in a drop-down hatch inside the food compartment of your fridge. (Check the upper right-hand corner.)

Slide Out

Slide-out fridge filters look a lot like grille filters, as they either slide right out of their compartment or come out when an eject button is pressed. However, they are located inside the food compartment just like drop-down filters are


If you have this type of water filter, you’ll probably find it hanging down from the top toward the back of your fridge’s food compartment. Again, you’ll probably be able to remove it with just a slight turn, but others require a wrench to remove the plastic guard that may be protecting it.

Inline filters

Inline filters are those found on the back of the refrigerator, hooked up to the incoming water supply line. Some units will be easy to remove and simply twist out like the twist-in filters, while others are more difficult to replace as they require cutting a portion of the tubing.

This type of filter is more difficult to install, but you’ll have different options to choose from as far as what you replace it with.

Certifications Of The Best Refrigerator Water Filter

NSF International (, is an independent, non-profit organization that sets standards for product certification, conducts tests and audits and other things for public health and the environment.

The NSF International is not the only independent agency that tests water filters, but they have developed many certifications with regard to water filtration, residential and commercial. Three of their certifications pertain specifically to refrigerator water filters. These are copied verbatim from their website.

One of the major factors of the best refrigerator water filters is it at least must response standards certification below or more:


Filters are certified to reduce aesthetic impurities such as chlorine and taste/odor. These can be point-of-use (under the sink, water pitcher, etc.) or point-of-entry (whole house) treatment systems.


Filters are certified to reduce a contaminant with a health effect. Health effects are set in this standard as regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada. Both standards 42 and 53 cover adsorption/filtration which is a process that occurs when liquid, gas or dissolved/suspended matter adheres to the surface of, or in the pores of, an adsorbent media. Carbon filters are an example of this type of product.


Treatment systems for emerging contaminants include both point-of-use and point-of-entry systems that have been verified to reduce one or more of 15 emerging contaminants from drinking water. These emerging contaminants can be pharmaceuticals or chemicals not yet regulated by the EPA or Health Canada.

These certificates are one of the most factors that you should consider when to choose the best refrigerator water filters for your family.

Best Refrigerator Water Filter Reviews

#1. General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter

The first rated of the best refrigerator water filter our list that comes from a familiar brand. It is General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter one of the best OEM refrigerator water filters of GE Refrigerator.

The General Electric MWF Refrigerator Water Filter is a fairly efficient product and is one of the bestsellers.

You should notice that it is Compatible with select GE side-by-side and bottom-freezer refrigerators. You must check your specifications before purchasing and the model number of the filter you are replacing.

This filter is certified for a few NSF standards. It will reduce chlorine, taste, and odor. Also, it will reduce health-threatening contaminants such as lead, volatile organic chemicals, and asbestos. And what’s more – emerging chemical compounds in your water will be decreased significantly too. 

The device operates at 0.6 C to 38 degrees (33F – 100F). The flow rate is 0.5 GPM. And the working pressure is 40 – 120 PSI. So it does its work quite efficiently.

A nice feature is an indicator that will show you when to change the filter. That should happen approximately every 6 months or 300 gallons.

#2. Frigidaire FBA_ULTRAWF Filter

Frigidaire FBA_ULTRAWF Filter

Other best-selling fridge water filter that we would recommend for you. This might be a good option for those of you who live somewhere where the tap water has a lot of contamination. It is capable of removing most of the chemicals and pharmaceuticals from the drinking water and with affordable.

The Frigidaire FBA_ULTRAWF Filter has been tested and certified by NSF International standards with standard series.

  • NSF Standard 42 Certified: Reduces chlorine, taste, and odor. 
  • NSF Standard 53 Certified: Reduces health-related contaminants such as lead, volatile organic chemicals, and asbestos. 
  • NSF Standard 401 Certified: Reduces emerging chemical compounds.

It is Frigidaire genuine water filters that deliver quality water filtration at Frigidaire’s specifications. This quality filter working at the pressure 30 – 100 psi (206.8 – 689.5 kPa) and temp 33 F – 100 F (0.6 C -38 C).

Frigidaire FBA_ULTRAWF Filter cleans your water and improves the chlorine-free taste and smell without removing all the beneficial components that your body needs from the water.

This premium genuine refrigerator water filter comes with really clear manual instruction which makes it really easy to install, for anyone who can read. And you should replace the filter every 6 months or 200 gallons to maximize contaminant reduction.

The Frigidaire FBA_ULTRAWF Filter is as known as the perfect water filter for use on all French door model refrigerators. One of the best refrigerator water filters that have high quality and affordable what you are looking for.

#3. EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 1

EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 1

If you need the best refrigerator water filter that is compatible with a wide range of refrigerator brands and also removes a lot of contaminants. This EveryDrop Refrigerator Water Filter 1 can be a perfect choice.

It is the only filter approved by Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid, and JennAir brands. It is also compatible with many type refrigerators like side-by-side, top freezer and bottom-freezer refrigerators.

According to the manufacturers, the Every Drop 1 Reduces 28 contaminants including 99% of lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and waterborne parasites for you and your family. 

Like other refrigerator water filters, each filter provides approximately 200 gallons of filtered water. You also should change every 6 months to ensure proper contaminant removal and flow rate.

By has many good reviews of consumers as well as the reputation, EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 1 worthy is one of the best refrigerator water filters in the next time refrigerator water filter replacement of you.

#4. EcoBlueLife Replacement Water Filter

EcoBlueLife Replacement Water Filter

The EcoBlueLife refrigerator filter is compatible with a wide range of refrigerators’ models including Whirlpool, Maytag, and Kenmore. 

Basically it is not an OEM filter, so if you want to save from your budget, this product will please you. 

Even whether you are pretty cautious about the health of family then it also is a reliable choice. 

The EcoBlueLife refrigerator filter is received many positive reviews from consumers. It is rated 4.4/5 on Amazon with nearly 1300 reviews, they mention it with feature easy to install, great price, reliable, and friendly.

It is manufactured according to ISO 9001 standard, those filters are made from renewable “Activated Carbon Media” which is eco-friendly.

They are NSF certified with the standards for Material Safety and structure Integrity.

Also with standard 42 for Chlorine Reduction and standard 372 for lead-free compliance. They have the same lifespan of 6 months or 300 gallons.

#5. Waterdrop UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter

Waterdrop UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter

If you own a Kenmore/Maytag or Kitchenaid refrigerator, Waterdrop is the replacement cartridge for you.

It is designed to provide you and your family with safe and great tasting water and ice directly from your refrigerator.

Waterdrop Plus made a line of high-quality refrigerator water filter replacement cartridges that fit a wide range of refrigerators on the market. Now a day, the New Waterdrop Plus refrigerator water filter is a new version of a high-quality refrigerator water filter that is familiar with many families.

Waterdrop UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter provides more effective about filtration performance, ability health protection, and safe material that is certified. Like 

  • NSF 401 certified to reduce certain trace pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals, serving you a superior grade of filtered water.
  • NSF 53 certified to remove 99% of lead and cyst as well as up to 98% of certain VOCs, making your every sip clean and healthy.
  • NSF 42 certified to reduce chlorine, taste, and odor, delivering refreshing ice and water that stimulates your palate.
  • NSF 372 certified lead-free material gives total protection to you and your family.

The filter cartridge is designed to function up to 6 months and then it needs to be replaced with a brand new cartridge.

Addition in, With your every purchase, they will provide 1 child in need with 1 day of clean water.

With a new appearance, high performance along with its humane meaning, Waterdrop UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter is one of the best refrigerator water filters for you. 

How To Choose The Best Refrigerator Water Filters

Depending on the best refrigerator water filter may differ in some certifications, PSI range, price, and Brand Name, and Merchant.

NSF certification

Like mentioned before, the refrigerator water filters have NSF certification means that they pass certain standards of the National Science Foundation for public health and the environment.

So, before buying any refrigerator water filter you should check the certified they owned, that as an investment not only in your home but your health.

The verdict, The biggest concern after ensuring compatibility. The best filters are certified for both NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53, for excellent taste and excellent safety, respectively. Lacking either one affects either your health or experience, which leads to disappointment in your filter and makes you wonder whether you just wasted your money.


While not as critical as the first two, a lot of people have a limited budget when it comes to buying appliances and spare parts, so it would no doubt affect a person’s buying decisions when to choose the best refrigerator water filter.

In general, online purchases tend to be cheaper than buying from brick and mortar stores. In addition, The price is major differences between OEM and aftermarket fridge filters are common. Typically, the aftermarket filter made by a third-party manufacturer costs less

The bottom line, the aftermarket filter is ideal for people on a limited budget. It’s cheaper to get original parts online than at local stores, and they might just be cheap enough to beat locally bought generics, which might have questionable quality.


PSI range measures the force at which water flows through your water pipes. PSI stands for pounds (of pressure) per square inch. Your refrigerator’s water system functions within a specific PSI range. The water filter’s PSI range must be compatible with the refrigerator’s range. Check your owner’s manual for the water pressure or PSI range.

Brand Name and Merchant

Like most important purchases, it’s wise to think of your fridge water filter. Generally speaking, you get what you pay for, so stick to solid items from brands well-known for manufacturing good, reliable products. Examples include some differences between OEM and aftermarket fridge filters are common.

Typically, the aftermarket filter made by a third-party manufacturer costs less OEM water filters from General Electric, Maytag, and KitchenAid, LG, Frigidaire or some else like EveryDrop by Whirlpool, Icepure, FilterLogic, EcoBlueLife

Just as important is where you buy the water filter you have in mind, especially if you’ll be buying yours online. Always buy from a trusted merchant known for great customer service, fantastic selection, flawless service integrity, and speedy delivery.

Refrigerator Water Filter FAQ?

When to Replace Your Fridge Water Filter?

Refrigerator water filters should be replaced every six months of use, or 300 gallons of water, whichever comes first. This is determined when the filter notification light turns on or when the water starts to taste or smell noticeably different. 

The change in smell and odor occurs because the filter is full of contaminants and can no longer work effectively, leaving you with water that’s essentially the same as tap water.

Neglecting to change your filter for too long will not only leave you with inferior tasting water, but the mineral deposits from the unfiltered water could even damage your refrigerator’s water system.

In some areas, the water filter may be exhausted in far less time than six months; however, it may work much longer than six months in locations with notably clean tap water. Even so, six months is an easy-to-remember time frame for changing the filter, especially since you might not notice a change in the water’s taste if it occurs gradually over the course of six months or more.

Do I Have To Turn Off The Water To Install A New Filter?

Possibly. It depends on the brand and model of your fridge. The majority of refrigerators do not need the water to be turned off, but a few brands, like Samsung.  The installation instructions will tell you if it’s needed.

How Do I Reset The Change-Filter Light on My Fridge?

If your refrigerator has an indicator that tells you when to change the filter, it needs to be reset when you replace the filter. Each manufacturer has different instructions for resetting the indicator.

Amana: Press and hold the dispenser lock and auto light buttons on the dispenser (at the same time) for 4 seconds until the filter status indicator begins to flash, and then release the buttons. On some Amana fridges you need to press the dispenser lock and water buttons for 4 seconds until the filter status indicator begins to flash, then release the buttons.

Frigidaire: Press and hold the reset button on the dispenser until the green light flashes (up to 15 seconds).

GE and Hotpoint: Press and hold the reset water filter button on the dispenser for 3 seconds.

Kenmore: Kenmore refrigerators are made by a number of different manufacturers, so follow the directions listed for the specific manufacturer of your fridge.

LG: Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds.

Maytag and Jenn-Air: Press and hold the lock and light buttons (lock and water on newer fridges) on the dispenser for about 4 seconds or until the indicator light blinks.

Samsung: Press and hold the ice type and child lock buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. Note: Hold the buttons for only 3 seconds. If you press these two buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds, the reset fails. Release the buttons and repeat the steps. The water filter indicator light should turn green.

Whirlpool and KitchenAid: Press the light switch 5 times within 10 seconds. If the fridge has a filter button, press and holds it for 5-10 seconds.

What Does A Refrigerator Water Filter Remove?

Refrigerator water filters clear contaminants in the water by forcing the water through activated carbon located inside the filters. The carbon acts like a contaminant magnet trapping pollutants and particles.

The end the best refrigerator water filter will provides clean, healthy drinking water for you and your family.


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