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“Will my blender be too loud?” This question is being raised again and again by clients who are looking to improve their lifestyle by investing in a high-speed blender. Some even hesitate with their purchase, thinking of their roommates and neighbors. Surely no one would love to wake up to the excruciating, broken lawnmower sounds some blenders make while on!

So the question is not “To blend or not to blend?” (we’re definitely sure we want a healthy fix in the morning! but rather “Will this noise make my ears bleed or not?” at this time, you need the best quiet blender for your home. And of course it will not be as noiset as the most powerful cordless drill or A Track Saw. It will only be like you put a shallow well pump in the garage Or Submersible Well Pump  and you hear nothing

And, All blenders are created equal, right? Isn’t buying a blender as simple as it sounds? All blenders as noise as equal?  Surprisingly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There is much more to buying the perfect blender than you may think. Deciding on a blender requires your most precious resources – time, money, care, and comfortable. We want to save you all of those things.

A blender is a useful kitchen appliance to own because it is versatile and allows you to make many different things. However, the noise of a blender can be loud which may also hinder its use. There are many factors when to choose the best blender and noise is one of the best important factors.

So why noise is an important factor, according to noise experts, leading to physiological stress in cooking. In a pressure-filled society, sometimes cooking is a way to reduce stress after every hour of work so creating maximum comfort is extremely important. We will analyze this and how to reduce the noise of the article. And now You just sit on your Most comfortable drafting chair, prepare a smoothie and enjoy it in maximum relaxation.

We’ve done the dirty work and can guide you to the ideal blender, special if you want to choose the best quiet blender for your needs.

We’ve listed, talking with experts and reviewed a myriad of styles of Blenders from expensive to cheap, price from 300 watt to around 130 watts, from Vitamix to Black and Decker but if you want to know what exactly makes the ultimate quietest blender for your home, scroll down to the bottom of the article to read our blenders buying the guide. If you’re looking for a blender for sale online, this is the best place to start.

But the first,  Let’s look at the few our offer for the best quiet blender to fast choose.

The Quietest Blender – Our Pick

Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender 48 oz Black

The Quietest Blender

After spending many hours researching, asking experts, and reading buyer’s reviews, we’ve decided that the VitaMix Quiet One Blender is the best quiet blender for most people. This is also one of the of the best blender that you have ever owned, and the last for price.

After spending many hours researching, asking experts, and reading buyer’s reviews, we’ve decided that the VitaMix Quiet One Blender is the best quiet blender for most people. This is also one of the of the best blender that you have ever owned, and the last for the price.

Owned VitaMix Quiet One Blender Sometime like a priceless gift, which can preserve family happiness.

A friend of mine told me ” Prior to getting this Quiet blender,  my wife’s blender was either a special or something someone else’s husband made disappears and she happened to find. Every time she fired that thing up it sounded like she was grinding up a jar of nails. The TV had to be paused, children and pets took refuge in the far corners of the house. Her reward for all this suffering was a chunky smoothie and jar that had to be disassembled to be cleaned.

When she decided it was time to get a new one she wanted something that was easier to clean, would do a better job of blending, and special must is the Quietest blender. And, here it is VitaMix Quiet One Blender, one of the best blender and the best quiet blender that can preserve my family happiness”

That’s very wonderful, why you don’t own the VitaMix Quiet One Blender to preserve your family happiness, right now.

Just to joke, I mean VitaMix Quiet One Blender is one of the quietest blender, most easy-to-clean drunk machines, and can help you a lot in cooking.

Vitamix Blenders have a great reputation for American-manufactured reliability and performance. The Vitamix blender Company was founded in 1921 and is one of the oldest family-owned blender manufacturers in North America. The great reputation of Vitamix blenders is a big reason why you should buy Vitamix blenders when choose the best quiet blender.

Noise Lever: 65 db |Item Weight: 23.6  pounds |Capacity: 48.0 oz | Material: Plastic | Height: 18 inches | width: 8.5 inches

The Cause of The Blender Noise

In general, blenders consist of a stand with electric (usually series-wound) motor and a measuring vessel with blade unit. The power transmission of the electric motor to the blade unit is managed by a flexible coupling. Through coupling geometry, some different coupling opportunities between the electric motor and the blade unit exist.

The noise emission of blenders essentially depends on operation points and used materials. Noise emission increases with the rotation speed of the electric motor. Through a growing filling level of the measuring vessel with a constant medium, the rotation speed and consequently the noise emission is decreased accordingly. Consequently, the combination of coupling between the electric motor and the blade unit influences the noise excitation of the investigated blender. In this case, noise levels differ up to 3 dB. Imbalance and deflection of rotating components increase noise excitation.

The blenders total sound power level (SPL) between 72 to 87 dB(A). Sources of the noise of the investigated blender are coming from broadband stimuli and especially by tonal components of the electric motor. Tonal components were traced back to rotary frequency and their harmonics that were generated by imbalance. An unequal mass distribution and deflections of rotating components created the imbalance forces. These forces essentially increase noise excitation.

Another source of noise is bearing. This source of noise can be influenced by lubrication. After a long term use, the lubricant in (plain) bearings is reduced. This means that broadband (stochastic) spectra which then appear will generate noise stimulus.

Additional sources of noise are flow disturbances in the cooling air especially by a fan in electric motor as well as by the blade unit and by movement of fluid in measuring vessel.

Depending on many factors such as the balance of the device, the type of food to grind, the life of the device and the level of perfection of the device.

So, How to reduce noise blender? Can I do it myself? Is it expensive? Let’s find out more!

How To Reduce Noise Blender

There are a few basic causes here! We will go through a few reasons and how to solve them

1. More Power = More Noise

Let’s clear one thing up from the start: high-speed, increased-power blenders are usually loud. Period. They boost a power of 1000W and more – take, for instance, Optimum Vacuum Sealed Auto High-Speed Blender VAC2 which reaches 2,238W, or the Vitamix 5200 Blender, with its 1,380W Motor. Such machines are never really quiet.

2. Cheaper = Louder

Most low-cost blenders are loud even if their power is not that high. This is caused by bad insulation, low-class casings, and cheap materials. Good insulation of the blender and a corresponding good engine can contribute to a lowering of the loudness.

Many producers took action and optimized their machines within the realms of possibility. For instance, in their “Professional Series”, Vitamix managed to noticeably reduce the average loudness of their high-performance blenders through an optimized airflow. Or Optimum’s brand new G2.3 Platinum Series blender is backed by the first-of-its-kind brushless motor technology, the same currently used to power hybrid cars, which uses a Direct Current Brushless Motor

3. More hard = More Noise

Blenders are never really quiet. Mixing hard fruits, vegetables, nuts, rice, cereals, and hard nuts requires strength, and  increasing vibration that means increased noise.

Loudness is not the only aggravating aspect – there’s also the tone and the pitch of the blender noise to take in, special with hard nuts. Every person is different, but in general, we can agree we all feel uncomfortable with high shrill tones. The reason is in human nature: on one hand, high tones like screams indicate an imminent danger, which triggers a panic signal in the brain and generates negative reactions such as goosebumps; on the other hand, deep tones are generally better, although a too-deep-sound can be felt as a roar.

In this case, the best way to get the best quiet blender, you need to know your needs, to choose the right suit. Don’t take a cereal grinder to smooth spinach.

4. Other Tricks to Help You Own the Best Quiet Blender

While purchasing a quiet blender is the first step, there are also other simple tips and tricks you can follow to help reduce the blender’s noise level.

Moving the blender away from the wall at least two inches can help control the noise levels because the sound will no longer be bouncing off the walls in the enclosed space. When it is in use, set it on the middle part of the counter, away from the walls, and this will help to reduce the volume.

Using a dish towel or a silicone mat when the blender is in use is another way to help dampen the sound. The towel or mat will help absorb some of the sound from the blender instead of echoing off the countertop.

Finally, there are also sound enclosures you can purchase separately for your blender to help reduce the sound.

How Blenders Work

Let’s see how it works. Suppose you drop a banana in the blender. You push a button to start the blender, and the motor begins to turn the blades. The circular whirring motion creates a vortex or a spiral movement in the fluid. In the blender, the fluid includes both liquid ingredients and air. The vortex causes a vacuum at the centre of the jar, which pulls the banana toward the middle, much as a tornado does.

As the banana combines with the other ingredients and begins to liquify, the liquid follows the blade in a whirling motion around the container, forming a well near its centre. The well in the centre of a blender’s vortex is shallow, so it displaces the contents as they’re drawn toward the axis at the centre of the blade.

The whirling motion and lack of space below the blades force the liquified strawberry up and on the sides. This circular pattern continues, whipping air into the contents, which helps mix the ingredients more quickly until you stop the blender. The final result is a frothy banana smoothie with a homogenised blend of ingredients and a consistent texture.

You can also try spinach and have a healthy body like “Popeye”

Why Are Quiet Blenders More Expensive?

The noise level of an average blender is 88 dB from two feet away. That is about the same as a jackhammer from 60 yards. In other words, blenders are loud! Many people don’t care, because they use them for 60 seconds a day. Others, like me, absolutely hate that jarring that happens when the “blend” button is pushed, because it is a lousy start to the day.

For those of you who want a quiet blender – read on. We have both quiet (sound dampening material and design), and very quiet (sound enclosed) blenders ahead. We’ll explain the attributes and costs associated with each below.

What Is The Best Blender Brands

Vitamix Blender – high quality and quiet blender brand

Vitamix is ​considered to be one of the best blender manufacturers of the current generation. The company, founded in 1921 as a family unit and regularly incorporates technology on its products since 1949, is a strong statement that it is truly the leading blender brand.

Vitamix has a range of products over time that shows that high performance is blended with technology to produce quality results for domestic consumers and those in the food industry.

Vitamix products, designed, built, assembled and tested at their headquarters in Ohio, USA

Before sending to the respective markets. The nature of this is always to limit counterfeiting and prevent the production of non-standard blender and accessories.

Most of the products they have produced for the market are. For example, metal enhances the durability and strength of the mixer. They also looked at powerful energy-saving engines, torque and speed adjustment, stainless steel blades and a number of accessories that enhance the usability of the devices.

The High-quality product line, with a high price from $ 300 to $ 600 depending on the type of series and store you buy. Vitamix provides a high-strength grinder, more powerful and quieter. One of the best quiet blenders of Vitamix is Vitamix Pro 5200

Our Recommended Vitamix Blender

See on Amazon: Vitamix is Vitamix Pro 5200

See on Amazon: KitchenAid KSB8270FP Pro Line Series Thermal Control Jar Blender 

Blendtec Another Top Blender Brands in USA

If you ever heard about Vitamix then it best chance you also ever heard about Blendtec since the competition of these two blenders are very strong especially in the US.

Blendtec manufacturers have been in the headlines for a considerable time for manufacturing some of the highly regarded blending machines of all time.

It started as a family business, and it is still owned and managed from that perspective with its headquarters in Utah, USA. All of its appliances are designed and engineered in the USA  with an assurance of matching the exacting standards. This manufacturer boasts of being responsible for the uncountable blending innovations that have taken place in the blender manufacturing sector.

Popularly known for their obsession with innovation and embracing technology, it has produced some of the high-end blenders used in many homes and commercial food joints today.

One of the appealing aspects of this company is its continuous determination in advancing technology in the blending machines that they produce. Their designs are sleek and appealing to the eye  and at the same time incorporate surreptitiousness sound-dampening technology.

They also provide very strong blenders made from quality raw materials and parts such as steel blades. The manufacturer asserts that their interest is not necessarily commerce but driven by the higher cause of ensuring that they help people to take healthy ingredients for healthy living by providing high-quality blenders.

Most of the operations revolving around the production of the Blendtec blenders are usually in-house. They offer an 8-year warranty on their products, the longest of all the blender manufacturers.

Most of the blenders from this company are multipurpose and sturdy. One of the most famous blenders from this manufacturer is Blendtec Classic 625

Our Recommended Blendtec Blender

See on Amazon: Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with FourSide Jar

See on Amazon: Blendtec Designer Series Blender-WildSide+ Jar (90 oz) -Professional-Grade

Ninja Kitchen

This blender manufacturing brand has been receiving the enormous following in the recent past. Owned by a company named Shark Ninja, LCC  it has managed to stand out and counter the intense rivalry in the market for a considerable time.  This manufacturer has managed with a specialty in producing high quality and innovative household wares that suit the lifestyle of people who seem to be busy.

The Ninja products are not known to be as expensive as the other high-end blenders, but they seem to be doing the job that other so-called high-end manufacturers brand do.

Ninja branded blenders have parts, which are readily available in various outlets. It helps because in some instances, replacing broken parts is what could be needed for a blender to resume its efficiency.

Ninja Kitchen prides itself on  producing high-quality brands that are way too affordable in the market. The company has easily penetrated in the market since they chose to price their blenders at cheaper rates compared to their competitors.

They manufacture products made of high-quality materials that uphold the standards in the market. All their blenders are designed in the USA and assembled in China.

When we check on the blenders manufactured by Ninja Kitchen, we realize that they majorly use plastic materials for most of their blender components. Perhaps, one of the major reasons why they offer the blenders at cheaper prices compared to Vitamix and Blendtec. and

The fact that most of their blenders’ parts are made from plastic gives it a slight disadvantage in the market since plastics can easily break, get scratches or get cracks. However, their blenders are still sturdy, steady and can perform almost all the tasks that the other competitors’ blenders can do.

The warranty period for Ninja Kitchen blenders is 2 years, except a few models that might be provided for up to 5 years. And the most famous Ninja Kitchen branded blender in the market is the Ninja Ultima Blender

Our Recommended Ninja Blender

See on Amazon: Ninja Professional Countertop Blender

See on Amazon: Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor


Another American favorite blender brand manufacturer in the market. Owned by Whirlpool Corporation. It was started in 1919, and over the years it has stood out the market competition by consistent engineering and re-engineering of its product features and designs.

KitchenAid known as one of the best kitchen appliances manufacturer in the world. Even their best seller product seems to be a mixer but, that makes this brand is automatically included in this competition.

Additionally, one major thing making this brand unique is that all of its models since inception allow for cross-generational attachment compatibility. The craftsmanship and nifty technology embedded on the KitchenAid blenders are just out of this world, which gives them an edge over its main rivals in the market.

Their blending machines come in a range of four colors which allows the consumer to choose the one that suits their preferences. One of their best features is the Intelli-Speed Motor Control senses that automatically adjusts the blade speed to blend through all types of ingredients.

All its parts are assembled and tested in the US, which is also critical in ensuring that cases of counterfeit and inferior products and parts are reduced. The cost for these blenders range from one machine to the other, but in general, they are much affordable and match their individual pricing. Currently, KitchenAid offers free shipping on all orders.

KitchenAid 5-speed Diamond is common among the products of KitchenAid blenders.

Our Recommended Aid Blender

See on Amazon: KitchenAid KSB8270FP Pro Line Series

There are also many brands that bring peace to your kitchen like BrevilleMagic BulletNutribulletJamba, etc

Best Quitest Blender Reviews

Best Quietest Blender- Overall

#1. Vitamix 36019 36019-1 Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender

Best Quietest Blender

By far the priciest blender on this list (along with the Blendtec Stealth 885), the Vitamix Quiet One has a lot to live up to — not least of all, its price tag and brand.

This blender stays true to its name. It is one of the quietest Vitamix blenders. The blender has a host of technological features that make it í the best quiet blender.

Patented noise reduction: for a blender that lets you hold conversations while in use, this Vitamix Quiet One blender features the patented noise reduction feature in the form of a magnetically secured sound enclosure. Thanks to the enclosure, noise emitted from the blender reduce to a level that allows you to hold conversations comfortably.  The Magnetically-secured back cover also helps to reduce cleaning time

This quiet blender is made by  the highest-quality plastic and  the highest-quality finishes provide incredible stability even when you are grinding cereals

It runs quietly, though, it has one of the most powerful motors. This Vitamix blender features a 3-peak horsepower motor which works fast to pulverize hard ingredients. In the process, the blender makes green smoothies, frozen drinks and frappes effortlessly.

It has 6 optimized programs, and there are 34 different settings available, ending the guessing game. There is also an automatic shut-off feature and pulse features which ensure that you prepare high-quality drinks every time.

The blender doesn’t come with the largest capacity container. However, at 48 ounces, it is a medium capacity container suitable for family use. The container also features a no-drip spout that reduces messes and wastes. It comes with a 3-year warranty.

As I said above, for a good reason like keeping family welfare, the price is not a problem at the moment. If you are looking for the best quiet blender that very, very quiet, powerful and durability The Vitamix 36019 – Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender is best for you.

Noise Lever: 64 db |Item Weight: 23.6  pounds |Capacity: 48.0 oz | Material: Plastic | Height: 18 inches | width: 8.5 inches

Quietest Blender for Smoothies

#2. Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender

Quietest Blender for Smoothies

Like Vitamix Appliances’ Quiet Shield Blender, this blender from Hamilton Beach keeps itself quiet with its included “Quiet Shield” enclosure.

Let’s enjoy comfort with the removable quiet sheld that dampens noise during the blending process.

The Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield features three presets: smoothie, ice crush, and puree. Alongside that, it boasts a variable speed control, a pulse dial, as well as a self-clean feature.

It comes with 4 program setting. Smoothie, Ice Crush, Puree, and Clean offer one-touch convenience and easy cleanup. Variable speed dial provides control.

Unlike Vitamix quiet one blender, this one runs on a more powerful 2.0 peak horsepower (1500W output) motor. Its stainless steel blades spin at around 105 mph, allowing it to blaze through frozen fruit, ice and other hard ingredients. Thankfully, this blender also compensates for its big muscles with a built-in cooling system.

Self-cleaning is a convenient inclusion, but if you prefer to clean your kitchen appliances yourself, you’re in luck. All of Hamilton Beach Quiet Shield’s parts are dishwasher-safe.

This Quiet blender included shatterproof jar is only 32 oz, but that should be more than enough for most purposes.

Welcome to the world of tranquillity and Hamilton Beach Professional will be the first to welcome you.

Noise Lever: 67 db |Item Weight: 10.55  pounds |Capacity: 32.0 oz | Material: Plastic | Height: 17.2 inches | width: 11.4 inches

Best Professional Quiet Blender

#3. Blendtec Professional 800 Blender with WildSide

Best Professional Quiet Blender

It’s hard to argue that Blendtec isn’t the world’s leader in blenders. While it’s been rubbing shoulders as of late with Vitamix, it still has a decisive edge when it comes to brand popularity, at least in America.

The Blendtec Professional 800 and Vitamix Quiet One are two of the quietest commercial-grade blenders on the market. But how do they compare, standing side-by-side with one another?

The two are fairly similar in design; they both feature a noise enclosure that dampens the noise of the motor/blades. The Blendtec 800 and the Quiet One also boast a fully manual, programmable control scheme (both have, funnily enough, six customizable buttons). it comes with six preprogrammed blend cycles + pulse for just about any recipe. Use specific cycles to make anything from smoothies and fresh whole juice to cappuccinos, soups, margaritas, bread dough, sauces, dressings, and much more. The Pro 800 is capable of achieving 3.8 peak horsepower under laboratory conditions.

However, Blendtec 800 differs is in its interface, which is all-touch and has a nifty slider for controlling speed. The Stealth 800 also allows you to program different profiles, each of which has its own controller scheme.

This quiet blender is built to the highest professional standards.  Our blades are 80% thicker and 10x stronger than other blender blades. The parts are assembled almost perfectly for the smallest vibration, eliminating a noise-causing original compared to other grinders. According to our testing The Blendtec comes with 65 db when operating. A great parameter.

The Blendtec Professional 800 as known as the automatic machine, no tamper/plunger needed. Professional-grade countertop or in-counter professional blender with 1-touch timed and pre-programmed cycles for smoothies, shakes, soups, crushed ice, juicer, ice cream maker, mixer, and self-cleaning.

Engineered and assembled in the USA with a 10-year comprehensive warranty. For home use only. without compromise, the Blendtec professional 800 is one on the best quiet professional blender for you.

Noise Lever: 65 db |Item Weight: 11.99  pounds |Capacity: 90.0 oz | Material: Plastic | Height: 38 inches | width: 44 inches

Best Quiet Blender for Budget

#4. Hamilton Beach 58148 Power Elite Multi-Function Blender

Best Quiet Blender for Budget

You are looking for a quiet blender but limited in budget. Don’t worry The Hamilton Beach 58148 Power Elite multi-function blender with Glass is what you’re looking for.

The immediate highlight of the Hamilton Beach 58148 Multifunction Blender is its price. If there’s a reason to try this blender, that’s the generous asking price of Hamilton Hamilton.

It comes with a maximum mixed capacity of 700 watts enough to be used for a small home. This capacity also makes low noise when compared to larger capacity grinders.

In addition, at a low cost, this quiet blender has quite a large number of features with 12 mixing functions. Combined with the Wave-Action system continuously pulls the mixture down to the blades for smooth results every time – no more ice.

Make Hamilton Beach 58148 is one of the most efficient mills in the price range.

Hamilton Beach Power Elite multi-function blender is backed by a 3-year warranty. With confidence in the durable structure and performance of this blender will serve you well, shake after shaking; smoothies after smoothies. You can call the US service centre to talk directly to the operator when you have any questions.

The results are good in a blender that is easy to use and clean.

What are you waiting for without buying the best quiet blender on the budget from hamilton’s brand to   have a fruit smoothies with low noise.

Noise Lever: 70 db |Item Weight: 5.62  pounds |Capacity: 40.0 oz | Material: Glass | Height: 15 inches | width: 9.5 inches

Best Quiet Blender for The Money

#5. Vitamix Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile

Best Quiet Blender for The Money

But if you want the best of the best, you have the option of getting the blender from Vitamix down the line. I’m talking about Vitamix Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade.

When it comes to the blender, the standard 64 oz container that it comes with is pretty good. You’ll be able to get by grinding all your basic blender, especially the softer ones.

Perfect for anyone who wanna one of the best blenders with the most affordable.

With the affordable you can own:

  • Variable Speed Control: Ten variable speeds allow you to refine every texture with culinary precision, from the smoothest purées to the heartiest soups
  • Self-Cleaning: With a drop of dish soap and warm water, your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds. What’s in the Box: motor base, 64 oz. container, tamper, cookbook
  • Pulse Feature: Layer coarse chops over smooth purées for heartier recipes, such as chunky salsas or thick vegetable soups
  • Low-Profile 64-ounce Container: Perfect for family meals and entertaining, while fitting comfortably under most kitchen cabinets
  • BPA-free Tritan container rotates ingredients back to the blades for faster, smoother blends
  • Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades: Our aircraft-grade stainless steel blades are designed to handle the toughest ingredients, so from the first blend to the last, you get the same quality results
  • Includes a Tamper to press thick and frozen mixtures toward the blades, without having to stop and scrape the sides of the container.
  • 2 peak output hp motor is able to pulverize tough, whole-food ingredients with ease.
  • Blades are laser-cut from hardened stainless steel to consistently deliver the same quality blends for years to come.
  • All parts are perfectly finished and assembled together, vibration to the minimum vibration one of the major causes of the blender noise that provide comfort when blending.
  • it comes with 3 – year full warranty covers parts, labour, and return shipping both ways provide peace of mind for you.

According to people who have studied through hundreds of blender for the kitchen. It’s me. If you looking for the best quiet blender that powerful, durability, and worth for the money the Vitamix Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade is best for you.

Noise Lever: 70 db |Item Weight: 13.5  pounds | Capacity: 64.0 oz | Material: Glass | Height: 17.0 inches | Width: 11.0 inches

Best Quiet Blender for Dorm

#6. NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

Best Quiet Blender for Dorm

The NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System is a bit pricier than your average personal blender. However, it also has more to offer. You can count on the 900-watt motor to quickly and easily chop up frozen fruit along with fresh fruit and vegetable with moderate noise level help reduces stress.

Especially after stressful lessons, the NutriBullet Pro is one of the best quiet blenders for the dorm that I can suggest for you.

The blender also chops up ice. It’s the best blenderfor protein shakes, making sports drinks, smoothies, nut butter and more. Suction feet keep the blender in place during use. If you’re not sure where to get started, take a look at the included drink recipes.

It Includes power base, 2 colossal cups, 1 emulsifying blade, 2 flip-top lids, 2 handled lip rings, 2 comfort lip rings, pocket nutritionist.

This blender very easy to clean, simply rise the blade with soap & water, and the cups are top rack dishwasher safe.

If you are looking for the best quiet blender for the dorm The NutriBullet Pro – 13-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System is the best for you.

Noise Lever: 71 db |Item Weight: 10.75  pounds |Capacity: 24.0 oz | Material: Glass | Height: 15.94 inches | Width: 7.72 inches

Best Quiet Blender Under 100$

#7. Black and Decker PowerCrush Digital Quiet Blender

Best Quiet Blender Under 100$

You have 100$, you are love quietness, and wanna have one of the best blenders. all right, the best quiet blender under $ 100 what you’re looking for.

The BLACK+DECKER BL1130SG FusionBlade Blender which brings along extremely quietness and unparalleled finesse while making healthy juices, refreshing cocktails, even yummy sauces. All in one design simple and great price.

The durable 6-cup (48oz.) glass jar is designed to increase blending efficiency. Its thick walls allow for safe blending of hot soups and more. Glass with its hardness also reduces noise levels when operating.

This quiet blender under 100$ comes 12 Speeds + Pulse – Find the perfect blending power for everything from sauces to smoothies with 12-speed settings. The pulse function lets you create the perfect consistency. Full consistency of the BL1130SG Fusion Blade and stays in place thanks to the strong rubber grips give it great stability when operating, thereby reducing noise to the maximum.

The clear lid insert lets you drizzle in oil or other liquids during blending, and it doubles as a 1-oz. measuring cup for making blended mixed drinks.  All removable parts are dishwasher-safe for fast and easy cleanup.

The convenient cord wrap within the unit makes for easy storage. I believe you are have

more than $ 100 but is the customer a wise consumer with BLACK+DECKER BL1130SG FusionBlade Blender – Best quiet blender under 100$

Noise Lever: 70 db |Item Weight: 7.0  pounds |Capacity: 48.0 oz | Material: Plastic/Glass | Height: 9.5 inches | Width: 8.0 inches

Quietest Personal Blender

#8. NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

Quietest Personal Blender

The NutriBullet belongs to the same family as the Magic Bullet, and their relationship is obvious from appearances—the NutriBullet is essentially a larger, prettier Magic Bullet, branded for its special “nutrient extraction” capabilities (let’s be real, it’s just a blender). It effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, and superfoods for nutritious protein shakes and green smoothies

It’s a great multi-purpose personal blender that’s hugely popular online, and it ran through our tests without an issue.

It comes with the powerful motor with cyclonic action, you can breaks down even the toughest of ingredients for the silkiest smoothies. Let’s prepare a balanced meal with perfect nutrition in seconds, the NutriBullet NBR-1201is Ideal for those with busy lifestyles

If you’re looking to make a lot of smoothie at once and drink it around the house, the NutriBullet is a good option—but if you plan to take the cups with you on the go day after day, you’d be better off with a more travel-friendly blender.

Noise Lever: 68 db |Item Weight: 7.0  pounds |Capacity: 48.0 oz | Material: Plastic/Glass | Height: 9.5 inches | Width: 8.0 inches

Quiet Blender for Office

#9. Magic Bullet Blender, Silver

Quiet Blender for Office

Welcome to the show! Welcome our magician and make magic in seconds. We would like to introduce Magic Bullet Blender, Silver, Small, one of the best quiet blender for the office.

If you’re on the hunt for a basic personal  blender that will provide your daily smoothie/health shake and nothing else, consider the classic, oft-imitated Magic Bullet. Fast, simple, and very transportable, the Magic Bullet is designed with busy people in mind especially While it only has a 250-watt motor, it’s strong enough to handle frozen fruit and most other ingredients with the appropriate amount of liquid added to the blending container.

Throughout testing, the Magic Bullet produced some of the silkiest smoothies with the least fuss. Thanks to their cylindrical shape (no crevices!), its blending containers were also a breeze to clean. Unlike the Nutri-Ninja, the Magic Bullet can also be turned on and remain on without being held down, an appealing convenience. This blender belonged to one of my housemates, and I used it to make smoothies most days for a full year. For the price, wattage, and functionality, you won’t find anything better.

Noise Lever: 69 db |Item Weight: 4.7  pounds | Capacity: 20.0 oz | Material: Plastic | Height: 13.19 inches | Width: 10.63 inches

Quiet Hand Blender

#10. OXA Smart Powerful Immersion Hand Blender

Quiet Hand Blender

If you’re tired of the all-or-nothing performance of the average hand blender, you might want to consider the OXA Smart Powerful Immersion Hand Blender. This hand blender with 12 Speeds (6×2) + turbo function, quickly blends endless culinary delicious.

It’s equipped with the company’s Smart Response Technology, which builds up speed gradually so blitzing food comes without the usual jerks and splatters. This makes the OXA Smart Powerful 4-in-1 Versatile Immersion Hand Blender complete the work with the gentle style that reduces noise to the maximum.

This Best quiet hand blender is highly recommended by milky moms in cooking baby food

the OXA Smart Powerful 4-in-1 is one of the most impressive hand blenders on the market. Not only does it look good, with its black finish and 304 stainless steel blade, it produces finer results than much of the competition.

An impressive 300W motor, plus a mobile blender leg that moves up and down as you use it – creating a greater cutting surface for its blades – ensure the OXA Smart Powerful 4-in-1 get the job done in a whizz.

This sleek immersion blender features an ergonomic handle with simple one-touch operation, simply press & blend. It’s Includes 600ml beaker, 500ml food processor, whisk attachment, plus splash guard to prevent food splatter.

Addition on this hand blender comes with 2-Year warranty, and dishwasher safe.

If you are your baby approaching the weaning period, you need something fast and quiet OXA Smart Powerful 4-in-1 Versatile Immersion Quiet Hand Blender is what you need.

Noise Lever: 69 db |Item Weight: 4.7  pounds | Material: Plastic | Height: 25 inches | Width: 13 inches

Best Quiet Blender for Making Flour

#11. Blendtec S885C2901-B1GB1D Stealth 885 Commercial Blender

Best Quiet Blender for Making Flour

Looking for the best blender for making flour? You’re in the right place! We have evaluated hundreds of blender and learn all major brands. Needless to say, we know how to create many different types of flour in the process.

At this time, you are looking for the best quiet blender for making flours and we’re having what are you looking for. It here Blendtec Stealth 885 Commercial Blender.

It’s an option that won’t stall out or break, no matter how hard the ingredients are. If you’re throwing in hard nuts or seeds, the dull blades and powerful motor will turn it into flour in short order.

This ultimate quiet commercial blender operates at a sound level comparable to a normal conversation without compromising power  Blendtec is famous thanks Motor 3.8 peak horsepower, 1875 watts, 15 amps.

The Stealth 885 includes a sleek sound enclosure and proprietary sound dampening and airflow innovations. So you can still have industrial strength power without industrial strength noise.

An exclusive, patented square design with a fifth side and large capacity produce thicker, faster blending and shorter customer wait times. Its extra-wide base, along with a more aggressive blade nearly 4-inches long, has helped the WildSide+ jar to raise the bar in the commercial lending category.

Addition in ability making flours excellent, it is recommended daily blends with 42 preprogrammed cycles and unlimited customized blend cycles using the online BlendWizard.

This Quiet blender comes with cutting-edge design and functionality deliver an advanced yet user-friendly blending experience.

If you are looking for the best quiet blender for making flours and more the Blendtec Stealth 885 Commercial Blender is best for you

Noise Lever: 67 db |Item Weight: 15.8  pounds | Capacity: 48.0 oz | Material: Glass| Height: 17.3 inches | Width: 8.6 inches

Jamba Quiet Blender

#12. Jamba Appliances Quiet Shield Blender

Jamba Quiet Blender

Jamba Juice Company is one of the world’s top healthy lifestyle brands. Given how important fruit smoothies, protein shakes and juices are to leading a healthy lifestyle today, it’s no surprise that one of Jamba’s

pursuits is to create the ideal blender.

With its Quiet Shield Blender line, Jamba went a step further. As the name suggests, this blender is specially designed to blend while not making a lot of noise. But the Quiet Shield Blender is unique in that it’s far less expensive than the ones they often have at restaurants and coffee shops. Its generous price tag makes it affordable to buy for your home as well.

The motor is fairly quiet too, so it’s safe to assume the base has rubber padding. But it’s also Powerful, with 1.6 peaks HP motor easily pulverizes ice cubes and tough fruits & vegetables.

A unique feature of the Quiet Shield Blender is its enclosure, which it comes packaged with. This enclosure serves to dampen the noise coming from the motor and the blender jar. The motor is fairly quiet too, so it’s safe to assume the base has rubber padding.

It includes dishwasher safe 32 oz. and 20 oz. jars, custom tamper, and recipe book.

The blender fits under most standard cabinets, and cleanup is easy. Simply fill the blender jar halfway with water, add two drops of dish soap, and blend for 30 seconds.

Noise Lever: 67 db |Item Weight: 9.6  pounds | Capacity: 32.0 oz | Material:Glass | Height: 11.4 inches | Width:7.7 inches

Blendtec Quiet Blender

#13. Blendtec “Pro” 795 Blender with Wildside

Blendtec Quiet Blender

We love the Blendtec Professional 795 blender. Blendtec says it is one of the quietest blenders in the world. Our tests suggest they miss it, but by only two decibels  (we show the Vita-Mix Quiet One Blender as #1 in this area (reviewed next)), so the Blendtec 795 is the quietest blender in the world-ish; however, what you get for the extra two decibels is amazing.

Blendtec blenders are built to the highest professional standards. Our patented, five-sided jar automatically pulls ingredients toward the blade, instead of spinning around in a circle in a round jar. No tamper/plunger needed. Professional-grade power featuring 1-touch simplicity and pre-programmed cycles for smoothies, shakes, crushed ice, soups, juicer, ice cream maker, and mixer.

Six pre-programmed walk-away cycles: Batters, Mixed Drinks, Smoothie, Frozen Treats, Whole Juice, Hot Soup and 11-speed touch slider + Pulse for manually fine-tuning. Touchpad screen for easy cleaning, and LCD countdown timer for consistent results each time.

The Professional 795 operates at a sound level that won’t interrupt. Housed in a sleek, sealed sound enclosure, it features the most advanced proprietary sound dampening and airflow innovations anywhere, proving that industrial strength power doesn’t require industrial strength noise. Includes our most powerful professional grade motor.

Bundle Includes BPA-free Wildside+ jar with extra-wide base and narrow fifth “wild” side for a faster, smoother blend. The Wildside+ Jar is a 90 oz volume jar with 36 oz blending capacity (wet or dry). Plus, includes Spoonula’s Spatula to scrape up every last delicious morsel from your Blendtec Jar (13″ long, built-in spoon rest, shaped for Blendtec Jars and resists heat up to 500 degrees F).

This Blendtec quiet blender 8-year comprehensive warranty. An American company, family-owned and driven to build the best quality products – without compromise. Engineered and assembled in the USA.

Noise Lever: 66 db |Item Weight: 16.2  pounds | Capacity: 90.0 oz | Material: Glass | Height: 17.2 inches | Width: 8.5 inches

Vitamix Quiet Blender

#14. Vitamix 36021 Blending Station 48 Ounce Black

Vitamix quiet blender

Reference Vitamix is referring to durability, robustness and equally quiet and delicate.

The Vitamix 36021 Blending Station is quiet enough to let you carry the conversation while you mix margaritas or prepare dinner with your new-born baby sleeping upstairs.

The Vitamix 36021 Blending Station is equipped with a removable sound enclosure that reduces the sound produced by the blender to a comfortable level, making it appropriate for use behind bars and service counters. The blender includes the Advance container, a highly durable.

Its two-piece sound shield paired with 3-HP motor is designed to make quick work can help you mix everything ranging from puree soups to that morning smoothie to get you going throughout the gruelling workout.

This Vitamix Blending Station is equipped with digital controls that give users 93 individual speeds to work with. Those speeds can be programmed to the 34 program options that allow procedures for specific menu items to be recalled quickly so that each of those items can be prepared consistently each time. This Vitamix 36021 blender has been NSF certified for its ability to be easily cleaned and sanitized. It comes with  A high-speed pulse aids in exercising extreme control while blending with perfect consistency and no over-processing.

If you love Vitamix brand and like quietness, the Vitamix 36021 Blending Station is the best quiet Vitamix blender for you.

Noise Lever: 65 db |Item Weight: 20.0  pounds | Capacity: 48.0 oz | Material: Polycarbonate | Height: 23.2 inches | Width: 11.9 inches

Ninja Quiet Blender

#15. Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt Auto-iQ Base

Ninja Quiet Blender

Nutri Ninja Home Blender Duo with Auto-iQ is a great choice if you’re a bit concerned about the space in your kitchen. With a low profile design, it’s easy to fit into cabinets.

However, despite its design, you shouldn’t underestimate this blender. With a 1200W motor, it can blend, crush and cut ingredients to help you create ultra smooth smoothies and frozen drinks.

Compare with another blender have  as same as powerful Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender provide superior in low-noise workability with a ruggedly designed chassis and high finish to avoid vibration

The blender comes with 5 pre-set Auto-IQ programs, its Total Crushing Technology and 3 manual settings to give you all the options your recipe requires. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that the appliance has a unique blade design.

It comes with the same Auto-IQ technology as the previous blender so you won’t have a hard time processing your ingredients. There is no guesswork required so there’s little to no chance that you’ll mess up your recipe.

It actually has 2 sets of blades to help you get the right consistency each time. There’s the “total crushing” blades which are great in turning ice into snow quickly and the “pro extractor” blades that are great in breaking down seeds, vegetables, and fruits so you can enjoy their maximum benefits.

The blender comes with a large 72-ounce pitcher. It’s handy if you’re serving the entire family and you don’t want to create several batches. It saves time and minimizes food wasting.

Additionally, you’ll get cups in various sizes as well. You can get a multi-serve cup and the regular 24-ounce cup for when you want to create smoothies for yourself. Each cup has a “sip and seal” lid to make sure your drinks don’t spill on your way out.

Like the previous blender, this one is a lot more expensive than getting a personal blender.

Noise Lever: 69 db |Item Weight: 10.1  pounds | Capacity: 72.0 oz | Material: Polycarbonate | Height: 17.5 inches | Width: 7.0 inches

Factor When to Choose the Best Quiet Blender

The blender is equipped with some of the most common and commonly used functions for making smoothies and other frozen drinks, which means it must have the power and ability to crush frozen fruit and ice. In addition, it must create comfort when creating the least noise. You choose the quiet blender best you want.

You have to look at many aspects, you can look more carefully at the top.

Before you select the best quiet blender, ask yourself the following questions:

How many people your blending for?

How powerful does my blender need to be?

Does your home have children and old people?

Does noise make you stress and lose focus?

What’s your budget?

Consider the Size First

The size of blender depending on how many people your blending for.

Blenders can vary in size from 3 to 6 or14 cups. It’s important to choose the right one. Is storage space a concern? It might be a good idea to choose a compact, single-serve blender.

For anyone who likes to meal prep in advance—or often cooks for a group of family or friends—it might be a good idea to upgrade to a larger size, that is a good idea.

Think About Speed and Power, Too

Power: For a blender, one of the other important aspects would be the size of the motor and how powerful it is. To be able to successfully crush ice and other frozen ingredients, you will need a strong motor that can handle it without overheating the blender in the process.

An average kitchen blender comes in around 300 and 600 watts, but a better performing blender will be around 1300 watts like .

Speed: Look for blenders with between 3 and 10-speed settings. Less than three won’t give you enough control, more than 10 or 12 settings aren’t necessary. Having a pulse button is essential, though!

Are You Love Quietness?

How quiet is the blender? That could be determined by the enhancements made in the blender for it to make less noise during blending. The most commonly used means of lessening noise is having a canister that covers the blender, thus confining the noise. Airflow is also optimized so that the motor will create less noise. Another means of lessening noise is the use of rubber mounted components to complement parts made of metal.

Though we all want the quietest blender around, Your budget might not always allow for it. But when tranquility is a mandatory requirement and gives you the most comfortable space, sometimes prices will no longer be a problem. I believe so. At this time, The quietest blender is for you.

Look for Special Attachments

I live in a small apartment in New York, so I don’t have much room to spare. The special attachments can help when I can double up on appliances and gadgets, so I have fewer things to store in my kitchen. here is one of the quite important when choosing the best quiet blender because of the small apartment will really want to the quietest blender.

Coffee Grinder: Grind and store coffee beans or spices.I really like Coffee!

Personal Cups: Blend up a personal-size drink that you can grab n’ go.

Chopping/Mixing Bowls: Sharper blades help your blender do double-duty as a food processor.

Final is the Price

Last but not least, price is a huge factor in purchasing the right machine. There are plenty of options for quality, durable machines on the market at an affordable price. There are also plenty of options for professional-grade machines at surprisingly high prices! Take the time to assess your budget and your needs before making a purchase.


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