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Is the pressure washer safe for cars? What is the best pressure washer for cars? What PSI is safe for washing cars?

This is a few most common questions when anyone considers purchasing a pressure washer for their cars. While pressure washing can be extremely effective with getting rid of tough dirt and grime. It also has several problems you need to be known before purchase a new pressure washer for your cars. 

By giving the thesis to answer each question, along with adding extension factors. we hope will help you choose the right pressure washer with your cars one way more easily. 

The pressure washer is familiar tools for any homes. It comes with a variety of power, quality, brand, and price. You can be get lost when to choose the right pressure washer. You can use the most powerful pressure washer to clean fence, driveway with extreme power. But when you clean your cars, what you need, not just power. 

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Let’s with us find the best pressure washer for cars that you are looking for. But the First, consider through a few our top pick about pressure washer for cars right here that may be fit for you. 

Best Pressure Washer for Cars Comparison

ImagePressure WasherRank ForPSIGPMWeightPrice
Sun Joe SPX3000 Best Overall, Electric 2,030 1.76 31
Stanley SHP2000 Best Value 2,150 1.4 26 lbs
Karcher K5 Premium Also Geat 2,000 1.4 32 lbs
Greenworks 1500 PSI Best Compact 1,500 1.2 16 lbs
Sun Joe SPX1000 Best Cheap 1,450 1.72 11.7 lbs
Ford FPWEF2.1 Best For Auto 1,800 1.75 24.5 lbs
Generac 6882 GPW Best Gas Pressure Washer 2,900 2.4 57 lbs

Pressure Washing Cars Good Or Bad

You may have the nicest car in the country, but it won’t look that way if it isn’t clean. Wash your cars can be the most rewarding thing is when it isn’t glossy appearance after a few days use. 

You are thinking about using the automatic car wash to keep your car clean and shiny. But wait, this means you are using a technique that was developed in the 1950s. It was designed when cars were still painted with two coats of hard enamel paint at the factory and sent out the door. Today, our cars have 1 or more coats of clear coat, which is much softer and easier to scratch. And the automatic car wash is the deceptive moonlight of laziness. 

Washing your car by hand with a garden hose is lost much time and effort, while low performance. The best pressure washer with its great features that will help you have great car wash experiences.

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We’ve all seen it done, but a question that you’re probably wondering is: Why need a pressure washer for wash cars? Can I pressure wash my car, and is it safe? 

The first, we together consider a few benefits of use pressure washer for washing your cars.

Benefits of Pressure Washer To Wash Your Car

The pressure washer has quickly become one of the preferred methods of cleaning a variety of surfaces even car washing. It is a quick, easy, and efficient way of removing all manner of dirt to protect your cars. Read on to learn about the many benefits of pressure washer before looking for the best pressure washer for cars.

What is The Best Pressure Washer For Cars?

Pressure washers come in varying strengths intended for various uses. Understanding the various types of pressure washers and in making the right decision when you buy the best pressure washer for cars and more.

The easiest way to make a comparison between various pressure washers is to determine its amplified water pressure. So How many types of pressure washer? And what type of pressure washer is the best for cars?

How are Pressure Washers Rated?

Light Duty

Pressure washers are rated below 2,000 PSI and have a flow rate of less than 2 GPM. Pressure washers in this range are typically for home use light duty task. They work well for cleaning mold and mildew from decks, patio furniture, and siding as well as washing cars, trucks. A typical light duty application is a coin-operated car wash. It enough powerful to removes dirt while don’t crash your coat of the paint.  

Medium Duty

The pressure washers range between 2000 and 2800 PSI.  This pressure can quite powerful in washing your cars. But with nozzles that you use can dispersing the pressure of a machine so much that it becomes safe for washing cars.

They can easily handle the same cleaning projects as light-duty models. The addition is more robust for tougher cleaning jobs like the dirt in your tires.

Heavy-Duty & Extra Heavy-Duty 

The pressure washers from 2,900 PSI and up. These pressure washers are generally found in industrial applications.  They work well for many cleaning jobs where the item being cleaned is not subject to damage by the pressure washer. Use this pressure washer type is not a good ideal for washing cars. With terrible power, they can damage rubber parts even the metal parts.

We have some most powerful electric pressure washer right here

Car washing is made quick and easy using pressures. And the Light duty or medium Duty Type pressure washer will suit for washing cars.

What PSI is Safe For Washing Cars?

PSI Save For cars Washing

You’ll find that each pressure washer has a PSI rating (pressure) and a GPM (gallons per minute) rating which refers to the maximum water flow. While PSI pushes the organic matter from the surface then the GPM carries it away. When Multiplying them together gives you what the pressure washer industry calls the cleaning units, or CU, of the washer. The CU score gives you a comprehensive way to compare how two washers perform against one another, and it is a more accurate metric than psi alone. The relationship between these specifications has been clarified in the most powerful electric pressure washer article

While has a lot of factors to consider a pressure washer good or bad for washing cars. The safety factor is what most people think of first.  And the PSI is a pretty important factor in this. So what PSI is safe for washing cars?

What PSI is Safe For Washing Your Car?

PSI stands for ‘pounds per square inch. The PSI really is the energy with which the water will hit the surface you are cleaning.

According to experts clean, the pressure between 1400 and 2100 PSI is the best pressure for car washing. 

Anything more than 2100 PSI PSI can damage the paint job on your car. While it is possible to clean your car with a low powered pressure washer such as a 900 PSI, the results are ineffective. It is only from 1400 PSI upward that a high-pressure washer begins to make a significant impact for your cars.

Car washing is made quick and easy using pressures. And the Light duty or medium Duty Type pressure washer will suit for washing cars. So, when you choose the best pressure washer that you can use to washing your cars, check that the pressure is below 2,000 PSI. Or the high-pressure washer that can adjust the machine to a safe level for your cars.
In addition to the specifications for the best pressure washer for cars. Some other good love will be mentioned later in the article. Like nozzle, electric or gas pressure washer, and tip for washing car. Don’t lose time we go to find the best pressure washer for car washing.

Best Pressure Washer For Car Reviews

#1. Sun Joe SPX3000

Best Overall, Electric Pressure Washer For Cars

Best Overall Pressure washer for cars

Max pressure: 2030 PSIMax flow rate: 1.76 GPM|  Weight: 31lbs|  Hose length: 20 Foot

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If you are looking for the best pressure washer for washing cars and more. The Sun Joe SPX3000 is a popular choice of many people. With affordable, it still offers ample power for most household jobs. And the car wash still always mentioned is its forte.

This model has a power fit for washing cars with 2,030 PSI and delivers 1.76 gallons of water per minute. It packs a powerful punch with its 1800 Watt/14.5 amp motor. This power can remove ever the stubborn stains in your wheel.  

Don’t worry about paint coat, this pressure washer lets you tailor the pressure output of the spray to your cleaning need with Pressure Joe’s five Quick-Connect spray nozzles (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap).

It comes with a 34-inch extension spray wand to access hard-to-reach areas, such as the undersides of automotive vehicles. 

 Features 20-foot high-pressure hose, 35-foot power cord, garden hose adaptor, and a TSS (Total Stop System). Hundreds of happy owners say it does a great car washer. They appreciate that it’s relatively quiet and easy to use.  

 The pressure washer compact, mobility, but also powerful and backed by a two-year warranty. The Sun Joe SPX3000 worthy is one of the best pressure washers for cars on the market.

#2.Stanley SHP2000 Electric Power Washer

Best Value Pressure Washer For Cars

Best Overall Pressure washer for cars

Max pressure: 2,000 PSIMax flow rate: 1.4 GPM|  Weight: 26 lbs|  Hose length: 30 Foot

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Stanley is a leading global manufacturer of hand tools, power tools, and is one of the most reputable power tool manufacturing brands in the country. And the pressure washer from Stanley also high rated than other brands on the market. 

One model that a lot of customers mention as the best pressure washer for cars is Stanley SHP2000 pressure washer

It is a power washer unit that exerts the force of 2000 PSI at 1.4 GPM, making cleaning unit at 2800. This is considered to be low to the medium-duty power washer, but it especial for car washing task. This pressure washer has a 13-amp electric motor conveniently placed in a beautifully designed, modern looking housing.

The SHP2000 comes with leak-proof connections that made of professional-grade brass. Even though the years, you can be confident that it will not be prone to leaking. 

Portability of this unit is supported further by a 30-foot long high-pressure hose, and a 35-foot long electric cord, enabling you to reach the toughest of spots around your cars. The power cord featuring Auto-Reset GFCI module provides safety in the car washing process.

There are 4 quick-connect nozzles provided. With these nozzles, you can simply adapt the pressure output to the task at hand. Especially when to use the low-pressure spray Soap (Black) nozzle tip, it will automatically activate the onboard 48 oz detergent tank. This is ideal for car washing.

Addition, Total Stop System (TSS) which automatically shuts off the pressure washer when the trigger is not engaged to prolong the life of the pump. It also helps you switch operations in the car wash process easily.

Like all dependable STANLEY products this pressure washer is has a 2-year warranty which is enough to provide you with peace of mind. 

#3. Karcher K5 Premium Electric Power Pressure Washer

Also Geat Pressure Washer For Cars

Best Overall Pressure washer for cars

Max pressure: 2,000 PSIMax flow rate: 1.4 GPM|  Weight: 32 lbs|  Hose length: 25 Foot

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Another amazing 2000 PSI and a 1.4 GPM water flow rate pressure washer that is designed for high-end performance. Kärcher’s K5 Premium is perfect for users who demand the ultimate level of home cleaning also as car washing. 

With up to 40 times the pressure of a typical garden hose, the K5 Premium is equipped to tackle your toughest cleaning any part of your cars. Combine features such as an onboard hose reel, various power spray wand, and onboard detergent tank. it will live up to the Kärcher promise cleaner and quicker.

This power is created from an N-COR pump that durable, non-corrosive and maintenance-free. With patented water-cooled induction motor that prolongs the life of the motor by up to 5X, reduces noise output and lowers energy consumption. It’s not only perfect for cars washing but also good for demanding residential use long last life.

The adjustable detergent flow dial allows you to control how much detergent is applied. Depending on the level of dirt of the vehicle you can control the use of detergent preventing waste, save money and protect the environment.

All amazing feature inside an eye-catching and healthy design that has great finishing. The Karcher K5 Premium meets all the factors of the best pressure washer for cars and more. It will provide for your trust, enjoyable in every cleaning task and your car always shiny.

#4. Greenworks 1500 PSI Pressure Washer GPW1501

Best Compact Presure Washer For Cars

Best Overall Pressure washer for cars

Max pressure: 1,500 PSIMax flow rate: 1.2 GPM|  Weight: 16 lbs|  Hose length: 20 Foot

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Will really omission if don’t mention Greenworks 1500 PSI when to looking for the best pressure washer for cars.

The Greenworks 1500 PSI don’t is designed for heavy-duty tasks like cleaning siding, driveways, concrete, and graffiti removal. It’s seems designed for washing cars.  

The 1500 PSI at 1.2 GPM will blast through grime and dirt on your car while not dangerous to the paint. Includes a 25° and 40° quick connect tip, those nozzles is perfect for washing car. It also has soap applicator, this more confirmed it was designed by Greenwood for car washing.

In addition, It comes with 35 ft power cord with inline GFCI for use on all exterior outlets and 20 ft high-pressure hose. This provides the ability to reach anywhere around your car easy. 

This model weighs only 17 lbs and it doesn’t have wheels to let you drag it around. But its lightweight design will compensate the wheels. It will lay neatly in the garage or even in your cars.

So, if you want a pressure washer that compact, lightweight, affordable, easy to use and especially perfect for car washing. The Greenworks 1500 PSI is your smart choice. 

#5. Sun Joe SPX1000 1450 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Best Cheap Presure Washer For Cars

Best Overall Pressure washer for cars

Max pressure: 1,500 PSIMax flow rate: 1.72 GPM|  Weight: 11.7 lbs|  Hose length: 20 Foot

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The Sun Joe SPX1000 pressure washer is still regarded as one of the best pressure washers to consider for washing cars. What is most desirable about the product is that it is both reasonably-priced and highly portable.

It offers up to 1450 PSI, this pressure washer is strong enough to remove any dirt on the surface of your car, but it is not powerful enough to damage the paint coat while doing it. This power is powered by an 11.5 amp electric motor that uses only 1400 watts. It also uses very little water at only 1.45 GPM. 

Although not as popular as the products that have been mentioned above. But this is another superior choice that should definitely be part of your list. It is a cost-effective light cleaning pressure washer. The price of this makes it is one of the best cheap pressure washers for cars and more. 

The hose is only 21 feet long, which is smaller than a lot of other pressure washers. This means you may end up moving it around your car more often. However, the fact that it is lightweight only 11.7 pounds and has the wheel makes this easier for most other pressure washers.

Car washing is not a continuous process. The TSS (Total Stop System) technology and integrated safety lock help you more proactive in the car washing process. It also helps save energy and prolong pump life.

The Sun Joe SPX1000 is not a heavy duty cold water pressure cleaner. But If you are looking for the best pressure washer for cars. This is a decent option, with a very attractive price and a design that will encourage even the less tech-savvy users.

#6.Ford FPWEF2.1 1800PSI Pressure Washer

Best Pressure Washer For Automobiles

Best Overall Pressure washer for cars

Max pressure: 1,800 PSIMax flow rate: 1.75 GPM|  Weight: 24.5 lbs|  Hose length: 25 Foot

Read Customer Review Here >>>

This pressure washer is designed by the same company that has made Ford automobiles a trusted name since 1903.

Ford has been a revolutionary powerhouse in every aspect of the industrial automobiles. Ford’s 1800 PSI Electric Pressure washer is bringing that same ingenuity to the power washers. 

It comes with together power and convenience to aid you in any your outdoor cleaning project and especially car washing task. 

With 1.5 GPM, the Ford 1800 psi pressure washer generates an incredible 2880 cleaning units. With 25-foot high-pressure hose with onboard hose storage reel, making it is ideal for decks, siding, and automobiles. 

The aluminum 4-in-1 adjustable wand comes with 3 additional hose nozzles and 1 soap nozzle, and the on-board soap tank gives you, even more, cleaning capability. The built-in hose reel allows you to neatly and easily wind up or let out the 25′ pressure hose.

Bonus, the Ford 1800 psi pressure washer includes a car detail brush for wheels, small or enclosed surfaces. While the orbital hand wand brush that is ideal for automobiles. In Addition, built-in reservoir allows you to easily apply soap for car washing. It’s no wonder why this pressure washer will be a wonderful addition to any garage.

#7.Generac 6882 GPW 2900PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Best Gas Pressure Washer for Cars

Best Overall Pressure washer for cars

Max pressure: 2,900 PSIMax flow rate: 2.4 GPM|  Weight: 57 lbs|  Hose length: 30 Foot

Read Customer Review Here >>>

Gas pressure washer always is a favorite choice of many people. It’s so cool, powerful and variety that will meet any task from light to heavy duty.

The Generac Speedwash 6882 looks like a pretty standard gas washer at first glance. It is great products come from great brands. We have to agree with this statement when it comes to Generac. 

The Generac Speedwash 6882 comes with An axial cam pump combining with a 196 cc engine delivers maximum cleaning performance. It provides 2900 PSI water pressure and 2.4 GPM flow rate. This pressure washer is pretty powerful for home use. 

With this powerful, you can think it doesn’t fit for car washing. But with PowerDial spray gun allows you to easily adjust the pressure needed between four different tasks from car to concrete at your fingertips.

This pressure washer has a half-gallon onboard detergent tank. Combine the Generac’s high-pressure soap blaster nozzle sprays soap 3X farther than a standard nozzle tip to penetrate tough stains and improve cleaning results. This makes it becomes the best gas pressure washer for cars. 

IF you are looking for the pressure washer that not only is the best pressure washer for cars but also serves your heavy-duty cleaning jobs then select this.


Factor When To Choose The Best Pressure Washer For Cars?


The pressure is rated by PSI that tells you how strong water pressure. Make a car clean is a breeze with the right pressure washer. But making a miscalculation in power could cost you dearly.

Choosing a PSI that is too high will chip the paint of your car, and in extreme cases crack your windows. as we mentioned above, when you choose the best pressure washer that you can use to washing your cars. The first check that the pressure is below 2,000 PSI like Sun Joe SPX3000. Or the high-pressure washer like Generac 6882 GPW 2900 PSI  that can adjust the machine to a safe level for your cars.

What is a Good GPM

GPM (gallons per minute) tells you how much water a pressure washer sprays per minute. By looking at the GPM, you can accurately determine how long it will take to clean a spot at full power. 

But the GPM won’t really get you anywhere if it doesn’t have a high PSI tied to it. So don’t fall for marketing tricks that push high GPM pressure washers with low PSI.

 Let’s considers clean unit fit for car washing. Washing a car with a pressure washer requires around 1,900 – 2,800 cleaning units. With the best pressure washer for cars that need the PSI at the range average 1600PSI. The Pressure washers at between 1.2 to 1.8 GPM fit this category. 

Electric Or Gas Pressure Washer

Gas Pressure washer

Due to much higher pressure and flow rates, the gas pressure washer cleans faster. With a gas-powered unit, you’re usually looking at from 2000 to 4000 PSI some commercial-grade gas-powered pressure washers that churn out a massive 7000 PSI. 

But most models produce around 2800 PSI. And most cases gas pressure washers churn out about 2.5 GPM or more.

They can handle any job a homeowner can throw at them even heavy concrete cleaning. Of course, includes both car washing which is the light duty with feature adjusts the water pressure. 

There’s no hassle of dealing with power cord, extension cords other than the recoil cord to kick-start the machine to life. If you want to do some washing out in the middle of the forest (for whatever reason), a gas-powered pressure washer is what you need.

What about electric pressure washer? 

We have the water pressure washer at more modest from 1400 to a maximum of about 3000 PSI. And the flow is rated 1.0-1.6 GPM. Look at power, the electric pressure washer suitable for light duty task, and seem it fit for cars washing. Although you can see a few most powerful electric pressure washer that has the power of a gas pressure washer.

They’re lightweight, compact, easy to move, and easy to use. In general, it less expensive than a gas pressure washer. 

However, electric pressure washers are not naturally portable, they rely on you being near a power outlet in order for the machine’s engine to begin pressurizing water. 

The performance and power are what gas pressure washer doesn’t disappoint you. But when looking for the best pressure washer for cars, the light-duty pressure washer always provides peace in mind while still a complete task. By the factors above, in the situation, we hight rate the electric pressure washer than a gas pressure washer. 

This is our opinion but with many people, the gas pressure washer still is a great car washing. So, what is your opinion? Please talk to us below.

Cord Length

Buying an electric pressure washer will give you power cord and high-pressure hose. The longer the cord, the less you have to move the base unit. And when you combine a long power cord with a long hose, the pressure washer can stay stationary through an entire project.

When it comes to cars washing, the best pressure washer for cars at least has the power cord and high-pressure hose enough. it means the spray wand can reach all parts around the car.

This is why cord length is important for electric pressure washers, and it is also why companies make it a point to make them as long as possible. The longer the cord, the less you have to move the base unit.

Others Feature of The Best Pressure Washer for Cars

Quick Connect Tips – There are no complicated controls with pressure washers. The quick connect tips take the place of a large control panel so that users can change the way water sprays during a cleaning session. They pop on and off easily and extend the usefulness by offering more tips at a low price.

Onboard Reel – Electric pressure washers often have long electrical cords to wrap up. This isn’t an issue on its own, but becomes one if you don’t have a proper place to wrap everything up. Good pressure washers always have an onboard reel to make the end of the job easier. You can wrap up the cord in minutes and place the pressure washer in storage.

TSS (Total Stop System)  trigger –  that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged to save energy and prolong pump life.

Rotary Wash Brush – The most familiar tool this can be compared to is the one you would use in a car wash. Use it in conjunction with the detergent tank for the best effect. In fact, it is highly recommended for car use.

Dual Soap Tank – Two is always better than one, and that is exactly why dual detergent/soap tanks are preferred. Not all models have this feature, and some even incorporate it differently. 

Car Washing Tips and Attention

First rinse

Rinsing your car carefully by the pressure washer with nozzles  40 first is an efficient car wash tip. This will help get rid of any large pieces of dirt or debris that could potentially cause scratching and help make cleaning the car easier. Don’t forget to rinse between any cracks and crevices. With the best pressure washer for cars, you will easy to complete this task.

Wash the wheels first

We recommend beginning by washing your wheels. This is because wheel wells, hubcaps, and rubber tires collect all sorts of abrasive gunk that you don’t want anywhere near your car paint.

 wheels of your car are often the dirtiest part, it’s a good idea to wash them first. Use a long, skinny wheel-brush for cleaning the openings of the wheels.

Then use a pressure washer at the high-pressure function to clean.

Wash your car using a large wash mitt or rotary wash brush.

They will collect and trap dirt without scratching or marking up your car’s exterior surface. If you want to preserve your paint job, invest in a high-quality car wash sponge, mitt or a pressure washer include a quality rotary wash brush.

But they had to wash out any dirt in it. Attention always ensure they are always soaked in soap and always clean before you begin scrubbing the surface of your car

Don’t wash your car in direct sunlight

While it seems tempting to wash your car on a warm, sunny day, this is actually a common mistake. Rather, if you clean your car when it’s warm and sunny outside, it tends to dry too quickly, meaning you’re more likely to end up with spots on your paintwork and windows. As such, it is better to wash your car on an overcast day to ensure it doesn’t dry too quickly.3

Rinse each section after you’ve washed it. 

After one section is washed, rinse it with the hose before moving on. You don’t want the soap to dry on the paint and stain it. When rinsing sections, follow the same top-to-bottom pattern that you’ve used to wash the sections of your car.

Bottom Line

Choosing the right pressure washer for car washing always is a daunting task. Hope our article will help you easily decide when choosing the best pressure washer for cars.


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