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Last updated: November 23rd, 2019

Pockets are only so big. Some jackets and to a lesser extent, some pants, have more pockets than you might think the average person needs. With everything you might carry day to day, have you ever thought about adding a flashlight to the mix?  Is not the brightest headlamp? It is so big to hold always on hand and entangled to always wear on the head.

You are thinking about one convenience. really fortunate the flashlights have made great changes in the last 20 years. The big heavy flashlights that you remember from days past have been replaced by lights that are brighter and more compact thanks to the arrival of LED. What was once seen exclusively as a tool for hiking and camping or to have around the house in case the lights went out, has become a practical tool to be carried every day. Because of this, the term “EDC” which stands for “Every Day Carry” has become synonymous with flashlights.   

Have you ever thought about adding a flashlight to the mix?

If so, this is where the question might arise, what is EDC flashlight? what is the best EDC flashlight?  and why would I need one?

The need for an EDC light is clear. Shopping a good one, however, unfortunately, there are many lists of “EDC Flashlight” on the internet today. However, many of those lists are written by people who know nothing about flashlights! In fact, many of these people do not even own an EDC flashlight. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of features and considerations to keep in mind as you shop for your EDC device.

So we’ll do my absolute best to help you with real knowledge. We hope to give you some real insight with many in-depth reviews covering all types of flashlights. Let us find the best EDC flashlight for you right now. But the first you can look through our pick, maybe it was created for you.

Best Pocket Flashlight: Fenix E12 Flashlight Pocket-Sized

Best Budget EDC Flashlight: RovyVon 550 Lumens CREE XP-G3 S5 LED Super Bright

Brightest EDC Flashlight: PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery

Best EDC Flashlight Under 50: SOG Flashlights LED Tactical Flashlight

Best AA EDC Flashlight: Hausbell Flashlights, Handheld Flashlights, 7W Mini LED Flashlights

Best EDC Tactical Flashlight: SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights with Strike Bezel

Best AAA EDC Flashlight: LUMINTOP EDC01 Keychain Flashlight, Pocket EDC Flashlight

What is EDC? Why Carry a Flashlight?

As the Everyday Carry community grows, I hear from intrigued visitors who end up scrolling through pages and pages of photos and still not completely understand what it’s all about. In this looking for the best EDC Flashlight campaign, also like another campaign that I will be going to introduce with you in another’s on my website.  

The first, I’ll take a step back to try to answer some frequently asked questions about the everyday carry lifestyle!

If you’ve seen what we do here but still don’t quite “get” it, let me fill you in.

So What Is EDC (Everyday Carry) Like a great deal of the English language today, EDC is an acronym…which stands for “everyday carry. At the most literal level, your everyday carry (commonly initialized as EDC) is the collection of items you carry with you in your pockets or in your bag on a daily basis.

They’re the things you tap your pockets for before you head out the door, the things you feel naked without, and the things that would throw off your whole day if you had to do without them. They are especially valuable, and not just in a monetary or sentimental way. Your everyday carry is comprised of items that you find truly essential.

So this means things like Knife, Brightest Flashlight, Wallet, survival tools, and other disposables might live in your pocket, but they don’t count as part of your everyday carry. Even one of the most powerful cordless drill! Oh, I’m just joking. It will suit for your Jeep car.

Mainstays in your carry should have certain qualities that fall in line with a few different principles of the practice of everyday carry.

So Why do we carry anything at all? If you were to empty your pockets right now, what would you find? A wallet, cell phone, keys, maybe some cash? We carry these items because we need them. It’s difficult to imagine getting on with a typical day without these things.

Do you remember that sick feeling you got in the pit of your stomach the last time you arrived at your destination only to discover you had left your wallet or cell phone at home? It was probably a very challenging day as you struggled to adjust to life without money, plastic, and personal communications. Sometimes, you get lost in the dark in a place where you light is a luxury. Wow, an EDC flashlight is a perfect thing at this time!

The well-thought-out, effective EDC requires advance planning and careful consideration. The best time to start planning your EDC is right now, as you evaluate your needs.

Every day, your EDC essentials prepare you for the worst and empower you to do your best.

Today, We are talking about the best EDC flashlight. So Why you should carry an EDC flashlight.

Why Carry a Flashlight?

I can’t imagine going anywhere without a flashlight. Imagine getting stuck in an elevator, a dark stairwell, or any interior public space without a light source. But to be EDC material, a flashlight must be small and powerful. Te Brite-Strike EPLI Illumination Tool is about the size of a regular ballpoint pen, can clip to a shirt pocket, puts out 1000 lumen flashlight, and can run up to six hours on the low setting.

True story: A young man named Aron Ralston was out hiking in the middle of nowhere when he managed, through a fair bit of misadventure, to crush is own arm under a boulder.

The worst part of the accident wasn’t that his arm was crushed. It was that he was trapped and could not call for help. There was nobody to hear him, he had no way to

reach the rest of the world, and he could not physically move from the spot where he was trapped. Ralston eventually cut off his own arm, escaped, and was rescued when he finally

encountered other people. He wrote a book about the experience. (You may have seen the movie version, 127 Hours, which accurately dramatizes Ralston’s plight and stars James Franco.)

There’s one detail he has refused to give, however: The name brand of the multitool he used to sever his own crushed arm. He has said it was not a Leatherman, the most famous brand of multi tools (after, perhaps, the Swiss Army Knife). He has been quoted online as saying it was “what you’d get if you bought a $15 flashlight and got a free multi-use tool” to go with the light.

It is dark and you blow a tire along a major highway. You have a jack and a donut spare, but there are no street lights out here along the highway because you’re out in the country. Which flashlight do you want to have with you when to try and change the tire? A quality fifty to one hundred dollars SureFire model, or one of those multi-LED.

flashlights you can buy for a buck or three at discount stores? Both lights will work out of the packaging and maybe right when you need it

An EDC flashlight can save your life multiple times a day.

Just crossing a busy street at night becomes much easier when you have a flashlight with you, as you can make it possible for other cars to see you. If your flashlight has a strobe setting, so much the better. Flashlights can be had at any price point and with a dizzying array of features. You don’t need something with hundreds of lumens, although those lights have their place as “combat lights.”

Or The UV Flashlight will help you realize the scorpion is sleeping in your tent and you won’t have to be awakened by a painful burn that even affects your life.

In fact, in some situations, such as looking at your watch in a darkened movie theater, or finding something you’ve dropped on the floor, a Brightest flashlight with giant power might be a liability that temporarily blinds you. Still, when buying an EDC flashlight, you can pretty much buy any light that is of decent quality.

Even if you just carry a small keychain light, however, having illumination when you need it is incredibly important. There are so many times in the course of a day spent indoors, or a night inside or out when it is dark and you cannot see something as well as you should.

Just avoid really cheap LED flashlights. These have proliferated in recent years and will break very quickly. You get what you pay for.

It’s the reason we stay here and help you looking for the best EDC flashlight that you won’t be disappointed.

Some Other Additional Benefits to Consider

To Identify Potential Threats – Flashlights today are brighter and have longer beam distances as well. When walking down a dark street or to your car at night, they can help you spot potential dangers while still far enough away to gain an advantage.

For Self-Defense – A EDC flashlight will enable you to temporarily blind a would-be attacker and gain valuable time to get away. It only takes 60-100 lumens to cause temporary blindness. and you have something more powerful. really awesome.

Some lights even have a strobe mode that is specifically designed to disorient a perpetrator by emitting a rapidly flashing super bright light. Additionally, the sturdy metal construction enables the flashlight to be used as a non-lethal weapon and can even be used to hit a perpetrator over the head if need be.

To save the battery on your phone – Seriously! If your phone battery is dead, it can be a real problem in a variety of circumstances. Instead of using precious battery life from your phone to provide you with light, a EDC flashlight can be used instead. Then, when you need to use your phone, it’s available.

EDC Gear List.  Must Have EDC Items? Or Everyday Carry Ideas

Everyday carry (EDC) refers to the items, large or small, we carry on a consistent basis. Think of them as your must-have gear to assist in dealing with everyday needs, from the mundane to the extreme. What we carry actually says quite a lot about who we are and how we view the world around us.

Since our individual carrying capacity is always limited by space and weight, the EDC items we choose must be portable, useful (preferably multi-purpose), and practical for the circumstances and our individual needs. While there isn’t an all-in-one solution, finding the right balance is well worth the time and effort. Let’s explore the various ways in which we can use our limited pocket (or bag) space to the fullest advantage, and increase the odds of having what we need when we need it most.

Before you run out and start collecting gear to stuff in your pockets, consider the following: The main focus of EDC is not to include everything you can physically carry but to include reasonable items that serve an important purpose, and to have the courage and willpower to leave behind everything you don’t need. If the EDC you choose doesn’t become part of your routine, there’s a very good chance you’ll leave it at home.

EDC has to be consistent, predictable, and evolve with your changing needs and circumstances. If we were all the same, it would be easy. There would be a standard EDC list for all of us to follow. But since no two people are exactly alike, and needs and circumstances can differ dramatically from person to person, you should start your evaluation with a review of a typical day

Here we will look at what a survival minded person could have on their everyday carry list that would help prepare them to deal with dynamic situations that may arise in everyday life.

What Should Be on Your Everyday Carry List?

Things You Carry With You Already

Keys – Can’t leave home without these unless I want to climb through the window to get back in! I am going to add a “Tile Mate – Key Finder” Survival Kit Key Fob to my keyring, which comes with more paracord and a fire starting kit.

Wallet – I need my ID and cash daily. I can’t leave home without this.

Watch – A friend once told me “Never trust someone who doesn’t have a watch.” It is an item that many of us carry every day. Some ways we can supercharge this into an EDC survival tool is to add a compass or use a paracord woven watch band. If you do not want to add a compass, you can learn to use your watch as a navigation tool.

Things That Would Help With Frequently Encountered Problems

Small Pocket Knife: A small cutting blade can be extremely useful in many different situations. Some workplaces, however, may not allow you to carry even a small pocket knife.

You have to frequently cut cardboard and plastic at work, but this would also be good if I was in a more office based role where I would be dealing with staples or opening letters. You cannot go wrong with the Kershaw Blur Folding Knife with a Partial Serrated Blade

The best EDC Flashlight – You are in a dark parking lot daily that this will help out with that. It will also be useful in case of a blackout or a fire. A good 1000 lumen flashlight (check out our article here on picking the best EDC flashlight) is also powerful enough to signal for help and small enough to fit in a pocket and can also double as a self-defense tool. We love the Fenix PD35.

as I mentioned in the article Brightest Flashlight ” You would bring an umbrella for a 50% chance of rain, so why wouldn’t you bring a flashlight for a 100% chance of darkness every night?”. Your Phone is not a Flashlight it is a Phone.

From getting through power outages to looking under couches to navigating a dimly lit path, having a light source in your pocket will come in handy. Some might be content with using their phone’s screen or camera flash for light. Modern lights, with multiple modes and a dedicated battery, perform far better in daily tasks to emergency situations without draining your phone’s battery, even more, making the EDC flashlight a must-have in many carries.

Multitool: The multitool embodies many core principles of EDC — utility, versatility, portability. For quick fixes, tinkering, and other handy work, having a toolbox’s worth of functionality in a single pocketable tool is invaluable. Common multi tool functions include pliers, screwdrivers, bottle openers, scissors, and other cutting tools. Multitools can complement the functions of the five aforementioned essentials when weight and pocket space are a premium, so naturally, they round out the second trinity of EDC.

Best EDC flashlight Reviews

Best Pocket Flashlight

#1. Fenix E12 Flashlight Pocket-Sized

Best Pocket Flashlight

Weight: 1 oz without battery
Dimensions: 3.54 inches long and 0.75-inch diameter
Lowest Setting: 8 lumens for 40 hours
Highest Setting: 130 lumens for 1.5 hours

Best Pocket Flashlight

Fenix is a very well known company in the flashlight industry and they are known for having great performance for the price. They used to be more of a high-end value brand but they are moving in the direction of a full premium brand. Overall Fenix flashlights are good buys. The Fenix E12 flashlight is a great EDC flashlight. In looking for the best EDC Flashlight campaign, we pick this light as our best small budget AA flashlight that will help you through the dark everywhere.

A no-frills offering from the folks at Fenix Lighting, the E12 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a more basic small-scale EDC flashlight. The Fenix E12 flashlight is the next generation/follow-up light to the popular Fenix E11. The E12 Fenix has many design modifications from the Fenix E11 and in most respects is a completely different light.

This flashlight uses a single AA battery to generate 130 lumens in its highest mode! That’s enough illumination to light up a dark alley, a backcountry trail, or a whole campsite and it fits in the palm of your hand. Unlike other compact flashlights, this LED device doesn’t skimp on features.

The small size, durability, and high brightness of this flashlight make it a favorite among the Everyday Carry (EDC) crowd.

Most people like the design changes in the E12, but some of the changes are up to personal preference. We like the changes but understand some of the complaints against this light. The E12 is the little dog who thinks he’s a timber wolf. The configuration is exactly what you’d expect from a true tactical flashlight, with comfortable knurling for a secure grip, and forward-facing tail-switch for activation and mode selection. Hikers and adventurers love this set-up because they can easily access all of the lights features with one hand, while the other is carrying firewood, a walking stick, or another tool. The only difference between this light and many tactical lights on the market is that this device only measures 3.6 inches in length.

The Fenix E12 is a pretty standard light for this class. The Cree XP-E2 is a nice led that provides a little more throw than the XP-G2 that is in similar sized lights. It is also nice to have digital regulation in light of this size.

This EDC flashlight comes with 3 brightness levels and no special blinking modes. We really like it when EDC size lights start off on low as this light does. The Fenix E12 cycles are low-medium-high with quick presses of the button. Just to mention a cool trick that works with all reverse click flashlights as long as they do not have memory is that when the light is on if you hold down the button a little longer than normal and then release it will go back to the first brightness level of the light.

With a maximum output of 130 lumens, three brightness settings – the middle of which outputs 50 lumens for up to six hours and 30 minutes extremely for daily use.  When you’re scanning the forest for firewood, you can switch on the 130-lumen high mode and see every last log and twig. When you’re looking for the spatula next to the fire pit, you can use the 50-lumen medium mode and avoid the blinding glare off the rocks. And when you’re reading the map, you can use the convenient 8-lumen low mode.

This EDC Flashlight having a waterproof rating of IPX-8. The IPX-8 means that it should be able to survive continuous use under 2 meter of water. A noticeable change from the Fenix E11 is that this light is able to tail stand since the tail switch does not protrude past the protective button rails. Combine the precision-machined aluminum alloy case, this single AA-powered, water-resistant flashlight also comes with the Fenix limited lifetime guarantee. For peace in your mind.

Overall we like the Fenix E12 and it is top of the line on our best EDC flashlight article. As an EDC light, this flashlight hits most of the needs that somebody would want aside from not having a pocket clip. This light offers pretty good performance at the price point. Conclusion, the Fenix E12 is a great budget light that is easy to like.

Best Budget EDC Flashlight

#2. RovyVon 550 Lumens CREE XP-G3 S5 LED Super Bright

Best Budget EDC Flashlight

Weight: 11.8g include battery
Dimensions: 53.9 mm long and 14.5mm diameter
Lowest Setting: 22 lumens for 150 mins
Highest Setting: 550 lumens for 38 mins

 Best Budget EDC Flashlight

You are looking for the best EDC flashlight on the budget. you must surprise RovyVon CREE XP-G3 S5 LED Super Bright Outdoor EDC Mini Keychain Rechargeable LED Flashlight.

The price of the Aurora varies depending on which model you buy. The polycarbonate A1 will set you back at the price approximately 27 $. In addition, the stainless steel A2 is the most expensive with about 40$. Finally, the anodized aluminum A3 costs less 30$. This Price is a good deal for one of the best EDC flashlights.

It’s powered by a single CREE XP-G3 S5 LED that puts out 550 lumens at a maximum distance of 80 meters. And the 130 mAh battery should last 19 minutes at 550 lumens, 29 minutes at 210 lumens and 900 minutes at 19 lumens. Max Beam Intensity 980cd, Max Beam Distance 80m,1.5m Impact Resistance, Luminous angle 10°. RovyVon Direct’s design perfect to Halloween gift idea.

It comes with 4 different modes for use, Low-High-Mid-Strobe. Press to cycle the modes  (Press and hold for 1 second to power off at any mode). When the primary light is turned on, click 3 times for Strobe.

This EDC light is the rechargeable flashlight. Open the Micro USB cover and connect a cable to charge. Charging indicator with red is charging, Green is fully charged.  When the battery voltage is lower than 2.6V, the indicator will be, constantly on reminding to charge the light. When the battery voltage is lower than 2.4V the light will stop working. and you will take 45 minutes for the charging indicator light to switch from red to green on each charge.

It is made of PA+Stainless Steel material, thermal insulation, Scratch-resistant. Chemical etching surface treatment, Anti-skid. Compact structure, combine with life waterproof of IPX-65, not afraid of getting wet.

If you are want to take the surprise for your son on the Halloween the RovyVon EDC flashlight is the good ideal. Even looking for the best EDC flashlight for daily use this flashlight won’t disappoint you.  

Brightest EDC Flashlight

#3. PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight with Rechargeable Battery

Brightest EDC Flashlight

Weight: 11.7 oz  include battery
Dimensions: 5.3 in long and 1.1 in diameter
Lowest Setting: 25 lumens
Highest Setting: 1000 lumens

 Brightest EDC Flashlight

When it comes time to buy an EDC flashlight, what is most important? Perhaps you prefer a flashlight that is lightweight so that you can take it on bike rides, hikes, and vacations. Even has a lot of factor to decided and brightness is the important factor.

The PeakPlus Tactical Flashlight can be what you are looking for. It is one of the best brightest EDC flashlights on the market. If you have been considering purchasing a new flashlight, the PeakPlus Bright LED Tactical Flashlight might be a great choice for your needs. What makes this product so great?

This EDC light comes with High Lumens LED makes our flashlight 10 times brighter than old incandescent flashlights. Runs on either a Li-ion rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries.

As far as tactical flashlights go, this is a fairly common one. There aren’t very many problems with it; it functions quite well. It just happens to be very run of the mill and common.

Perhaps its best feature is the five light modes that it offers. You can choose between high, medium, and low, for basic lighting; or you can choose the strobe or SOS option, for signaling for help. Adjustable focus for close or long range. Functions as a spotlight that throws an intense beam of light up to 600 feet ahead or compact small floodlight that brings illumination to a wide area.

The body is strong, durable, and shock-, skids, and water-resistant. However, it isn’t waterproof or shockproof, so you may have to be a bit easier on this particular light.

PeakPlus want their clients to be happy, so just in case you feel disappointed with your choice, they guarantee to give your money back instantly, without any hassle within one year.

If you are looking for the best EDC flashlight which Super bright and compact, that suit for everyday carry or is the gift for friends. the highest quality EDC flashlight from PeakPlus is a perfect choice.

Best EDC Flashlight Under 50

#4. SOG Flashlights LED Tactical Flashlight

Best EDC Flashlight Under 50

Weight: 2.99 oz  include battery
Dimensions: 4.5 in long and 1 in diameter
Lowest Setting: reading mode  for 67.3 hours
Highest Setting: 128 lumens for 66 minutes

 Best EDC Flashlight Under 50

If you want something a little more tactical in your carry that can still fit comfortably in your pocket, the SOG Dark Energy might be the flashlight you need. With the price under 50, the SOG Flashlights LED Tactical Flashlight – Dark Energy has all feature of the high-end EDC flashlight.

SOG, short for MACV-SOG, is a U.S. tool and knife company founded in 1986 and named in honor of the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group, a spec ops outfit that valued quick, quiet solutions. Trust the SOG Dark Energy 120A to light the way. SOG, based in Seattle, WA, created this tactical flashlight to illuminate the world’s darkest corners.


Use this outdoor flashlight as a survival flashlight, small emergency light, caving flashlight, military flashlight or everyday carry; one of the most powerful flashlights high lumens you’ll find in a small flashlight.

Click one of five modes on your Dark Energy tactical flashlight and get optimum illumination for every situation, from ultra-bright self-defense bursts to low-level light for discreet map reading. The Dark Energy 120A 5-mode rechargeable flashlight is cased in Class II hard-anodized aluminum and pumps out a max of 128 lumens for up to 66 minutes.

Multiple power settings — momentary on/off, 100% power, 40% power, reading, and tactical strobe — can be quickly accessed via a single button switch.

This EDC flashlight built to last, and always stand ready to assist you when needed.  It also built from hard-anodized aluminum – gives this 3 ounce, water-resistant flashlight a bit of extra self-defense potential. rated IPX-7 for 30-minute immersion in up to 1 meter of water. It is made in America.

” This is the one you want when the lights go out” It is the field notes of SOG and I think it true. let’s own for yourself one of the best EDC flashlights with the price under 50 and peace on the dark.  

Best AA EDC Flashlight

#5. Hausbell Flashlights, Handheld Flashlights, 7W Mini LED Flashlights

Best AA EDC Flashlight

Weight: 2.99 oz  include battery
Dimensions: 4.5 in long and 1 in diameter
Lowest Setting: reading mode  for 67.3 hours
Highest Setting: 128 lumens for 66 minutes
Made in America

 Best AA EDC Flashlight

The Hausbell 7w is a nifty little tactical flashlight. It’s is one of the smallest of the tactical flashlights we have tested, measuring in at a dismal 3.63″ in length and .75″ in width around the body (the widest point was just under 1″). The compact size and use of just 1 AA battery meant the Hausbell would also be very light, and in fact, was lighter than the closest flashlight in its class at 2.8oz, so you can see how light and versatile this flashlight really can be.

The Hausbell flashlight 7w uses a single AA battery (or 14500 rechargeable NiMH battery) to power the LED. Testing the flashlight on high power mode and a AA Alkaline battery, we measured a draw of .9amps. Given the higher voltage of the NiMH battery, that amperage draw drops considerably to only .375 amps on high, extending the life of the rechargeable battery. We estimate the battery life of the Hausbell at 1.17 hours using a normal AA battery and 5.33 hours using a 2000mAh 14500 battery.

You can easily find our flashlights in the darkness, that’s the magical function of the Luminous Ring of our flashlights. The innovative patent luminous ring’s easy-to-see glow allows easy accessibility during a power outage or emergency.

This EDC flashlights with 3 adjustable light modes (bright, dim, flash) shine strong LED brightness, the brightness distance reaches up to 200 meters. Its compact and portable size allows you to put one in your pocket, the other in your car or at home.

For your safety, The manufactory recommends you to use UL certificated 14500 lithium battery or certificated AA dry battery. Using poor quality battery or using the flashlight in an inappropriate situation(such as use it beside the high-temperature stove, when rain gets into a flashlight or use one which has been not used for a long time caused battery leakage) will cause safety incident.

Weather, water & shock resistant handheld flashlights are made of sturdy heavy solid metal, it’s 5 times sturdier and heavier than other flashlights in the market. Ergonomic design, perfectly used in the rain, snow or emergency situations. Ideal for use around the house, dog walking, camping, hiking or fishing.

Hausbell 7W EDC flashlight is the ultra-bright tactical flashlight. Use the focus feature for a super-bright spotlight that can be seen from miles away or the powerful strobe to stun an intruder! Always be prepared for emergencies with a Hausbell pocket-sized flashlight that can serve as a hanging lantern or SOS signal. No more discussion, the Hausbell 7W flashlight is one of the best AA EDC flashlights that you are looking for the trips and daily use

Best EDC Tactical Flashlight

#6. SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights with Strike Bezel

Best EDC Tactical Flashlight

Weight: 4.2 oz includes battery
Dimensions: 8 in long and 2 in diameter
Lowest Setting: 5 lumens  
Highest Setting: 600 lumens
Made by SureFire

 Best EDC Tactical Flashlight

This is the SureFire one of the best EDC tactical flashlight that can save your life in the emergency. so what is so great?  

This EDC flashlight is an ultra-compact, dual-output personal-defense flashlight that produces blinding white light on its high setting––enough to temporarily overwhelm the dark-adapted vision of an aggressor.

The E2D LED Defender Ultra personal-defense light leads with 600 lumens of disorienting light on high and follows up with a crenelated Strike Bezel that can deliver another blow, should a blast of blinding white light not be enough to repel an aggressor.

in addition, the ultra-compact E1D LED Defender is powered by a single 123A lithium battery but still packs a 300-lumen punch and the same follow-up bite as its big brother. Both lights also generate a useful low-output five-lumen beam for non-defensive tasks.

it comes with Two output levels, 600 lumens high for maximum light, 5 lumens low for extended runtime. For instant access to max output in high-stress situations. The first press or click produces its high output beam while a second press or click, within two seconds, generates an extended-runtime beam that’s useful for tasks where the high lumen output may be overkill.

This EDC flashlight made of High-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability. Not only that,  the SureFire warrants that they determine that it is defective in material and/or workmanship during your lifetime, they will repair or replace it—no hassle

if you are looking for the best EDC tactical flashlight that durability, reliable, and power, the E2D EDC LED flashlight is best for you.

Best AAA EDC Flashlight

#7. LUMINTOP EDC01 Keychain Flashlight, Pocket EDC Flashlight

Best AAA EDC Flashlight

Weight: 1.6 oz includes battery
Dimensions: 2.6 in long and 0.6 in diameter
Lowest Setting: 32 lumens for 4 hours  
Highest Setting: 120 lumens for 30 minutes

  Best AAA EDC Flashlight

There’s no need to reach for your phone every time you need a little extra light. Keep a small AAA flashlight on your keychain and you’ll be ready for anything.

The Lumintop EDC01 is small enough to clip to any keychain, yet offers enough power to warrant the extra space in a pocket.

It comes With Cree XP-G3 LED (50000-hour lifespan), Lumintop EDC01 could pump out up to 120 lumens brightness which only runs with a single AAA cell. Also, support the easy-to-get AAA battery and provides max 36 hours runtime. (Under American National Standard NEMA/FL-1)

This AAA EDC flashlight provides three modes bright. Twist the light head to switch the mode (mid – low – high). To turn the EDC01 on simply twist the light head clockwise to turn on the light. Twist the tail cap counter-clockwise to turn off the light. It is very convenient to connect to the keychain or put into the backpack or the pocket. Keep a back-up in the medical and emergency kit.

The light comes with spare O-rings, a diffuser, and a keychain loop—and you can get it in five different colors to match your EDC.

In addition, It is built with the highest IPX8 Waterproof Certification, EDC01 is suitable for continual submersion in water under 6.5ft. Don’t worry about accidentally dropped due to ANSI verified Impact Resistance (up to 5ft).

Military grade (HA-III) anodized surface, Aircraft-grade aluminum body, lighter than 3 Nickel (weight:0.42oz, excluding battery). Real compact size (2.36*0.57inch). This small flashlight is Super easy to carry with the lightweight and slender form factor. The dual direction pocket clip makes the EDC01 even more convenient for carrying in a pocket or attaching to a hat or strap. All of this makes EDC01 the best choice of AAA EDC flashlights


Everyday Carry Guide

How To Choose The Best EDC Flashlight

As such, these portable torches can grace your bed stands, they should be available in your vehicles, they must accompany your firearms, be available when tracking outdoors, and there should be some consideration for every day carry (“EDC”.)

If you decide that an EDC light is for you, a have a friendly word of warning. Without hesitation, I link to online merchants such as Amazon as a means to shop and compare content products. There is however plenty of cheap imitations available on Amazon. If you go to this post you can read about some of the ways in which an uninformed consumer can be tricked into buying a completely inferior product which will not last! so if you were to shop from this page, I guarantee you’ll only be looking for products from reputable manufacturers.

Whatever EDC flashlights you consider you should be aware of these basic qualities when choosing the best EDC flashlight which one is best for you.

EDC Flashlight Size

As with most EDC gear, keeping things compact is essential, even must have.

No one wants to carry anything heavy or bulky with them as part of their everyday carry kit. like you should carry a handheld fan instead of a heavy electric fan

The best EDC flashlights can typically provide a high amount of illumination while staying under 4.5″ long. The trade-off for having a tiny EDC light is that you will have less space inside to fit a battery so you may sacrifice some power if you choose an ultra-compact flashlight. This is an important trade-off to consider, and you will have to strike a balance when finding the best EDC flashlight for you.

But don’t worry today the led technology will provide for you interesting experiences. it helps smaller size,  with a 50,000-hour lifetime, produces brilliant, powerful, blinding light. and suit for the best EDC flashlights that what you are looking for.


Understanding lumens gives you an excellent way to perform an apples-to-apples comparison of the most basic function of an EDC light which is providing illumination.

Basic flashlights are usually 10 lumens, and high-end search and rescue lights can be over 60,000 lumens.

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Typically, EDC flashlights will be in the 50-1000 lumen range but consider how you are likely to use your light to help determine how many lumens you really need.

Something in my article best 1000 lumen flashlight is also will be rating in this article.

Battery Type

Most commercially available flashlights use either AA, AAA, 14500, 16850 or CR123 batteries. While AA is the tried and true old guard, the CR123,14500, 16850 are the more recently available challenger.

  • AAA – the smallest, least powerful, most portable and generally available
  • AAA rechargeable with more power and longer battery life
  • AA – the most common and available power source with reasonable power.
  • 14500 – same size as AA but rechargeable and more powerful – great for power and the ability to have AA’s as backups
  • CR123A – Lithium batteries which have increased power and shelf life – probably most available of lithium sources.
  • 18650 – same size as two 123A sources – probably least available but powerful and uses 123A’s as backup

Each has a corresponding range of available sizes, lumens, throw, and performance which conform to the inherent limitations of the power source.

So, which battery is best? It depends on what you are looking for.

If you want a light that uses a battery that is more readily available in a survival scenario, AA is probably best for you. If performance and weight reduction are paramount to you, CR123 or 16850 are the way to go.


You never know what conditions you will need to use your EDC flashlight in. However, if you may need illumination in the rain or during a flood, having a light that is not waterproof is about as useful as not having one at all.

Flashlights are rated by the IP code to tell you how well they’re protected against intrusion (body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact, and water by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures. Basically, the code is listed with numbers in the code in order as IP (dust rating, waterproof rating, crushability, and other). If it’s not rated for any of them, they either leave it blank or put an X in the spot if there are ratings after that spot. For example, IPX7 means it hasn’t been rated for solid intrusion or mechanical impact.  

IF you a Fishing man or boatman has a liquid ingress protection rating of 7. Dependent your purposes, maybe you need an IPX8 (to use on a sailboat) but will accept an IPX7.

A USB Connection on The Case (must have)

Some of the flashlights I’ve seen that use the 18650 don’t have a USB connection. This is good for waterproofing but it means that you’ll need to have a dedicated charger for your battery or get 18650’s that have a USB connector on them instead.

Pay attention to how the port is sealed. Some covers come off very easily and will soon be lost, making it no longer waterproof. Some of the covers are really flimsy.

Exterior Construction

A metal body flashlight will be tougher and be able to take more abuse than a plastic one. Having a durable flashlight is important it will likely receive some knocks, drops, and bumps as you carry it every day.

Almost all tactical lights are made of aerospace-grade aluminum since they are expected to withstand high impact and stress. Aluminum is also lighter than other metals and because of they’re anodized, they have a higher corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Selecting a metal flashlight will result in a longer lasting tool that is functional when you need it. Conclusion the Aluminum is anodized is the best Body Construction Material for the best EDC Flashlight

Attachment Options

Just about any quality EDC flashlight will have some attachment options. Attachment options usually include a pocket clip, lanyard loop, carabiner clip, or keyring. Make sure whatever option the EDC light you choose is compatible for how you intend to carry it.

Even the best EDC flashlight will bring frustration if you can’t carry it that way you want.

Switch Type

Like the attachment option, make sure the switch your EDC flashlight uses is compatible with the way you intend to carry it. Most importantly make sure that the switch, twist collar, or button, is reliable and will not turn on while in your pocket or bag. Nothing is worse than opening up your bag and seeing the weak yellow glow of a flashlight with a dying battery right when you need to use it.


As you can see, there are a lot of options out there when trying to find the best EDC flashlight.

Remember the basics of finding a reliable light that is comfortable to carry around with you on an everyday basis.

Don’t skimp on quality and look for features that match your specific needs.


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