Last updated: December 26th, 2019

The good old claw hammer. Such a wonderfully ubiquitous construction tool. Especially if you’re just making your own key holder, doing a quick repair on something, or just venting your frustration. But when the job more involved, you’ll be hammering away until you’ve got a headache, sometimes one miscalculated swing can seriously injure the fingers holding the nail. At this time, a corded or cordless nailer nail guns that are an extremely beneficial tool to have.

If you’re looking for a nail gun that can shoot 3-inch nails through hardwood 2×4’s, you’re probably going to want to look at a framing nailer. Framing nail guns are used for some of the biggest tasks you’ll have to tackle at home. They’re the most powerful and the nails you’ll use will ensure any job never falls apart.

As a DIY-er, having the right power tool in your hand can make you feel like a professional contractor. The cordless framing nailer is best for general work around the home that a great nail gun for serious DIYers who want to use a professional-level tool without paying too much.

Cordless framing nailer has come a long way since their early beginnings. No longer can they be considered puny and inferior to pneumatic/air nailer. Today’s developed new battery technologies, new lines of the brushless motor, as well as air spring systems that boost the performance of existing tools while making it possible to introduce larger more powerful tools than was thought to be possible.

Versatility. The number one benefit to cordless – besides looking tech savvy – is limitless boundaries in where the tool can be used. Your cordless framing nailer has no restrictions, no hose, no cord, pure freedom.

In this article, we review 3 Best cordless framing nailer on the market. Check out a few of our suggestions before reading cordless framing nailer reviews.

Paslode 905600Hitachi NR1890DRDewalt DCN692
Editor's Ratings 5/5 4/5 4.3/5
Power Source Battery and gas Battery Battery
Dimension 5 x 17 x 17 in 13.5 x 5.38 x 13.5 in 15.25 x 5.88 x 13.25 in
Weight 7.6 lbs 10.1 lbs 7.7 lbs
Angle 30 33 21

Best Cordless Framing Nailer – Our Pick

After spending 48 hours researching, asking experts, and reading buyer’s reviews, we’ve decided that the Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer is the best cordless framing nailer for most people.

The Paslode 905600 is well known one of the lightest cordless framing nailer models on the market with weighing in at 7.25 pounds, that perfect for beginners and professional users alike. A heavy duty tool at the lightest weight that you will never experience hand fatigue after a long day work.
It works really nice even if the temperature is as low as 14 degree Fahrenheit and it is only possible due to the super advanced Paslode Framing Fuel with All-Season formula.

The Paslode 905600 is a heavy-duty framing nailer which provides efficiency as well as speed. according to the manufacturer, the nailer can drive an approximate 9000 nails per full charge. Normally, the speed of the device is between 1-3 nails per second which is suitable for most of the carpentry works.

Paslode is a tool manufacturer was founded in 1935. The company develops and manufactures tools designed for the construction and building maintenance markets. In 1986, Paslode was acquired by ITW (Illinois Tool Works Inc). The ITW inc is ranked in 500 of the largest United States corporations. The great reputation of the Paslode is a big reason why you should buy the Paslode 905600 Cordless Framing Nailer.

Why You Need The Best Cordless Framing Nailer?

Spring and summer home repair seasons are right around the corner and you’re considering buying a nail gun to help you with your projects. And the cordless framing nailer is the best for you. We will help you make your several reasons to decide why you should buy that cordless framing gun.

Reason #1 – Faster Nail Driving

The framing nailer with their power is designed to fully drive nails in one try. You place the framing nailer safety shoe firmly against the work surface being secured, hold it firmly down, pull the trigger, and as long as you hold it against the piece during the recoil, you’ll have a fully driven nail every time you try. This means you’ll get much more work done in the same amount of time.

Reason #2 – Finger Safety

When driving a nail by hand, the nail must be held by the fingers and thumb. One miscalculated swing can seriously injure the fingers holding the nail. It always seems to happen. You’ve come to the last nail to hammer home with your old hammer and that’s when you smash the hammer down on your thumb instead of the nail you’re trying to drive. With a cordless framing nailer, that won’t happen anymore. This is because the framing nail gun holds the nails for you. You don’t have to touch the nails except to load them when you run out. This keeps all of your fingers safe.

Reason #3 – More Convenient

When working with a hammer, workers have to carry around buckets of nails. Over time, having to lug around heavy nail buckets can be tedious and cumbersome.
Nail guns have magazines that hold multiple nails. This means that workers no longer have to carry around big buckets of nails. Just load up the magazine, and get straight to work. Workers can also free up space on their tool belt, which makes it easier to move around.

Reason #4 – Ease of Use

Using a nail gun is fairly simple as long as common sense safety measures are followed. Because you don’t have to continually pound each nail multiple times to fully drive it into the wood, you’ll get much more work done in much less time. Driving a nail with a hammer takes at least a minute per nail. That is dropped to about 5 seconds per nail with a framing nail gun.

Reason #5 – Decreased Fatigue

A Framing nailer may be somewhat heavier than even the biggest framing hammer, but the motions used when using a nail gun are more natural and easier to do over a long period of time. With a hammer, you are swinging your arm at the elbow repeatedly and applying major force to those swings. With a nail gun, used properly, it’s a simple up and down motion, with a trigger pull following each downward motion.

Factors to Consider When to Choose The Best Framing Cordless Nailer

How to choose the best cordless framing nailer? This is a common question that we hope to answer. Well, to be honest, the best cordless framing nailer depends on several factors, which we cover below

Firing Modes and Triggers

To drive the nail, a nail gun relies on a finger trigger and a contact safety tip on the nose of the gun. There are a few different trigger options to consider, too.

A single sequential trigger is similar to this in that the tip has to be in contact with the surface and then the trigger has to be squeezed to drive a nail. The tip can stay in contact with the surface and the trigger can be pulled again to shoot multiple nails. Because firing a nail is such a deliberate process with this type of trigger, it’s often considered the safest.

Bump Firing Mode – This works in the other way, so you’ll have to keep the trigger at all times. When you want to fire a nail into your wood you’ll simply need to bump the nail gun safety tip against it. If you hold the trigger between nails, you don’t have to let go and reactivate it. As long as you’re holding onto the trigger, when the tip hits the surface, it will fire a nail.

Bump nailing is much faster, but single-firing is more controlled and precise. I’d recommend using the single-fire trigger until you have a solid handle on the safety and operation of the tool before attempting to use the bump-fire trigger.

Framing Nailer is the most powerful in cordless nail gun line, so safety must be first and foremost. The best framing nailer with right firing modes gives you maximum efficiency and safety.

Power Sources

There are some different options of power sources for cordless framing nailer available. They can either use a battery, a combination of a fuel cell and a battery.


A battery-based solution for a framing nailer gives you the convenience of a cordless option that isn’t tied to a specific location or piece of equipment and without the higher maintenance of gas-based framing nailers. previously, use a battery framing nailer is the tradeoff is that the battery-based framing nailer delivers less power, making it more suitable for smaller projects such as trim work, renovations, and similar tasks.

Nowadays, battery-powered nailers are being driven by powerful 18 or 20V lithium-ion batteries that more powerful, charge pretty quickly and last a long time. It also works to be very quiet. They’re an ideal choice for small, cramped spaces.

Fuel/Battery Combination

If you need a powerful cordless framing nailer that has the convenience of not being tied to a particular location or piece of machinery, fuel/battery combination framing nailer may be an excellent option to consider. These work by using the battery to power the combustion of the fuel, which then drives the nail. These are a really great choice because not only do they provide a lot of power, they’re also cordless. The downside? You not only need to worry about keeping the battery charged but also whether or not you have enough fuel.

Design and Ergonomics

Depending on the job you’re completing, it’s likely you’ll be holding onto your nail gun for extended periods of time. If you’re installing a roof or a floor or taking on a large project like framing a house, you need to be able to work for long stretches of time.

Most of the electric nailers possess more weight comparing to the pneumatic nailers. The reason might be the battery. Having a cordless framing nailer that’s ergonomically designed will prevent cramping in your hands and muscle fatigue, allowing you to work for longer periods of time with little to no discomfort

Nailer Angles

A framing nailer angle is a degree with which the framing nailer fires nails into a workpiece. The framing nailers come in different levels. These are 21-degree, 28-degree, 30-degree and 34-degree angles.

Every framing nailer angle has its set of unique nail clips. These nail clips vary in length and angle. The nail clips are held together using different materials. The holding material could be plastic, paper or wire.

Although, the varying angles between these framing nailers have little to do with what you should choose. But also have some amazing information for you when to choose the best framing nailer for you.

While a 21-28-degree framing nailer is full head nails held together by plastic strips. The nail clips are angled so that they can accommodate the wider diameter of the nail head.

The 30 degrees to 34-degree framing nailers have their nail clips fastened together using paper instead of plastic that are much lighter to carry than the wire-connected nail clips used by 21-28 degree framing nailers. additional to, the 30-degree framing nailer can squeeze into the tightest of spaces with ease.

When choosing your framing nailer, keep in mind your personal preference, or what makes you comfortable. If you are joining a group of construction workers using a framing nailer of a particular angle, you would be better off sticking to that angle.

Adjustable Depth

You might not always want your nails to sit flush with the wood. Perhaps you’ll want them to protrude, or in some cases, you’ll want to countersink them. Having the adjustable features for this means you can use your nailer for a range of different projects and different locations.

Not everywhere you go or need to work will the project be exactly the same, after all. By having the adjustment you can make the job safer and more accurate at the same time. That’s definitely going to make you want to actually use this nailer more frequently.
It’s also wise if you find a framing nailer that will allow you to make these changes without the use of an external tool.

Features and Extras

There are several other things to look at for your framing nailer as well. For example, A Jam Clearing System is another important feature because you really don’t want to be stuck spending a long time clearing out your machine and not working on the project you’re trying to complete.

Protective guards are another great feature because they keep your tool from getting damaged and also protect you from any debris that might be flying around. You’ll want guards that you can swap out when they start to get worn, however, as they can break as well if they get worn down too much.

Or having a large trigger also makes it easier for you to use the nailer itself without having to take off gloves, which can project your hand even more.

Best Framing Cordless Nailer Reviews

#1. Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer is our pick as best cordless framing nailer on the market. It is known as currently the only tool in the cordless framing nailer line that is powered by the combustion design.

As mentioned before, the Paslode 905600 is well known one of the lightest cordless framing nailer models on the market with weighing in at 7.25 pounds, you will never experience hand fatigue after a long day work. The ergonomic characteristics of the device are also fairly good and help in maintaining a good grip. The machine because of its lightweight and grip is user-friendly and comfort is provided even while heavier operations. The loading and unloading of the nails are also easy with this device.

The main advantage of the Paslode 905600 cordless XP framing nailer is can produce power and performance similar amount the corded pneumatic alternatives, which can drive from 2” to 3-1/4” round drive 30-degree paper strip nails.

The XP nailer uses a battery but the power generation comes from the fuel cartridge. The fuel cartridge is a cylinder with two compartments inside of it. The first part is a bag connected to the port which holds the fuel. The second part of the fuel cartridge is the volume surrounding this bag. The second compartment is filled with aerosol to pressurize the bag so that the fuel is in liquid form. Another advantage it has is that, while it is as powerful as pneumatic nailers, the recoil, or kickback of the tool when firing, is relatively small.

So, How does Paslode 905600 work?

The Paslode 905600 uses a single shot combustion chamber to drive a nail. As the chamber is closed, a mechanical link presses on the top of the fuel cartridge releasing fuel. with fuel is 70% propylene (propane) and 30% 1-butene on a molar basis. The fuel cartridge releases somewhere between 23 and 27 mg of fuel each time the chamber closes.

Combustion Reaction
𝐹𝑢𝑒𝑙 + 𝑂𝑥𝑖𝑑𝑖𝑧𝑒𝑟 𝑃𝑟𝑜𝑑𝑢𝑐𝑡 + Energy

While the chamber is closing, a switch engages a fan inside of the combustion chamber. The fan serves three main purposes: to mix the fuel and the air inside of the chamber before combustion, to enhance flame propagation during combustion, and to aid in venting the exhaust gases after combustion.

Once the fuel is dosed (injected into the combustion chamber), the fan mixes the contents of the chamber and the tool is ready to fire. The trigger can be pulled, causing the spark plug to release enough energy to ignite the mixture. The pressure inside of the chamber rises and forces the piston to move down the piston cylinder. The piston strikes the nail with enough momentum to break the nail from the strip of nails and drive it into the surface. The piston returns to “top dead center” due to a build-up of compressed air as well as a bumper which acts as a spring.

Additionally, the fan also cools the exhaust gases which creates a small vacuum aiding in the return of the piston. The chamber opens once the tool is removed from the surface. When the chamber opens, the fan blows out the exhaust gas which is replaced by air from the surroundings. As the tool is pressed onto the surface again, the process repeats.

A 15% extra power is provided by Poslade 905660. It not only is the best cordless framing nailer but also is the most powerful cordless framing nailer available in the market. Another special feature with this device is that can work in temperatures down to 14 F when used with Paslode framing fuel/all season formula.

The Paslode 905600 is a heavy-duty framing nailer which provides efficiency as well as speed. This cordless framing nailer can drive an approximate 9000 nails per full charge the speed of the device can thus be quantified. that means the speed of the device is between 1-3 nails per second which is suitable for most of the carpentry works.

It comes with a 7.4 v Li-ion battery which up to 9, 000 nails per charge, 1-1/2 hour full charge and feature  2-minute quick charge for up to 200 shots very impressor.

Jamming is one of the most common problems experienced by many people while performing operations with framing nailers. However, Fewer jams and misfires when used with Paslode framing nails that have the precise nail strip collation matched to the nailer.

No doubt, if you are looking for the best cordless framing nailer on the market, which lightweight, powerful, and ergonomic, the Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer is the best for you.

#2. Hitachi NR1890DR 18V Cordless Brushless Plastic Strip 3-1/2″ Framing Nailer

Hitachi NR1890DR 18V Cordless Brushless Plastic Strip 3-1/2" Framing Nailer

Another amazing cordless framing nailer that the second in our best cordless framing nailer list is Hitachi NR1890DR 18V Cordless framing nailer. Different Paslode 905600,  It comes with battery-powered framing nailers—nailers that only use a battery and not gas cartridges.

This is the Hitachi NR1890DR. It’s a 3-1/2″ 18V cordless plastic strip framing nailer. Deliver quality results to your customers and give them the reason to come back tomorrow for more amazing services with some pretty cool features.

Hitachi NR1890DR 18V cordless framing nailer operates solely on battery power. But that battery powers nearly the same type of system their pneumatic nailers use. Hitachi calls this their Air Spring Drive System.

How Does Air Spring Drive System work?

The unit is filled at the factory to 72 PSI with the piston is in the lowered position. Once the tool is turned on, the brushless motor drives piston so that it compresses the air into the cylinder. This creates almost 120 PSI.

When the trigger is actuated, compressed air is released, driving the piston down. And boom ! the firing pin striking the nail at the same force as a pneumatic. Utilizing this sealed compressed results in zero ramp-up time, and allows you to install up to 2 nails driven per second.

The cool thing is that the nailer is always “at-the-ready.”   Meaning when you fire the nailer, the fastener is installed with zero lag, and the piston is immediately reset.

It comes with, Brushless motor for longer run time per charge, less maintenance and increased durability. It is powered by a Compact 3.0Ah Lithium Ion battery which drives up to 400 nails per charge. There are currently only a few options on the market for battery-only framing nailers. The Hitachi NR1890DR is one of them and can handle 2” to 3-1/2 plastic-collated 21-degree, clipped or full-head, framing nail. Hitachi also makes the nailer that will install 30-degree paper-collated nails such as the DC version.

The Hitachi cordless framing nailer has the expected tool-less depth of drive adjustment dial near the nose for a professional finish with varying materials.

Hitachi has mastered ergonomics, and the expected non-slip rubberized grip that we love on their cordless drivers is alive and well with the NR1890DR cordless framing nailer. I really like the balance in this tool.  It is a bit heavy, though. With a compact 3.0Ah battery, this nailer weighs in at 10.2 lbs. For reference, the Paslode 905600 weighs 7.25 lbs, and a typical pneumatic framer weighs around 8.7 lbs. If you’re holding it upright for long, you’ll feel it. Horizontally and toe nailing… not so much. But I still think the time-savings for quick punch-list jobs still makes it worthwhile.

The Hitachi NR1890DR cordless framing nailer features an onboard control panel right at the base of the handle. Within the panel, you can power on the tool, change the firing actuation from sequential to contact (bump) fire, that’s where you turn the nailer on and get it ready for work. You just hold the button for a second, and it comes to life. There’s also a momentary button to check the battery charge. The intuitive controls make everything extremely easy to use and operate.

Talking the best cordless framing nailer, can’t ignore The Hitachi NR1890DR cordless framing nailer. It is a solid product in that category that will save you time and money.

#3. DEWALT DCN692 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer

DEWALT DCN692 20V Max XR Brushless Dual Speed Nailer

I’m really glad to see Dewalt throwing in with cordless framing nailers. In the race of the best cordless framing nailer, Dewalt presence makes it more interesting. I’m talking about the DeWalt 20V Max Framing Nailer.

The DCN690 DeWalt 20V Max Framing Nailer is a single speed nailer while the DCN692 DeWalt 20V Max Framing Nailer is dual speed. Both feature a brushless motor that key in being able to make a lithium-ion framing nailer. But in this article, I want to talk about the dual speed DCN692 with speed selection feature for greater flexibility and capability.

Dewalt designed the DCN692 cordless framing nailer with two user-selectable speed settings.

Speed Setting 1 is optimized for driving shorter nailers (2″ to 3″ long), while Speed Setting 2 should be used when driving longer nails (3-1/4″ to 3-1/2″ long).

By using the lower speed/power setting, users will benefit from lower vibration (and thus lower fatigue), increased application speed, and an increase in the number of nails that can be fired per battery charge. The second-speed setting should be used when maximum power is needed

As I mentioned, DeWalt included a brushless motor on the 20V Max Framing Nailer that helps deliver the power and efficiency required to drive framing nails. The kit I have come with a 4.0 amp hour, 20V MAX* XR lithium-ion battery.

The DCN692 DeWalt 20V Max Framing Nailer is good for firing more than 500 nails on a single charge. we also tried the nailer out with 2.0 ah and 5.0 ah batteries from my collection, both worked well.

This battery works great with a lot of Dewalt cordless tools such as the cordless drill, cordless impact drivers, angle drills, portable vacuum.

It’s capable of accepting either clipped head or offset full round head paper tape nails collated at 30 – 34 degrees. The range of lengths is from 2″ to 3-1/2″ and 0.113″ to 0.131″ diameters. While it’s capable of shooting clipped head nails, users in hurricane and earthquake-prone areas should know that their use is very limited by building codes and you’ll want to go for the offset full round heads. As it is, aside from online dealers, the ability to find clipped head nails may be an exercise in futility.

If you’re working in the trusses, attic, or second story, you can take advantage of the built-in rafter hook. The rafter hook easily slips over any 2x material.

With the flip of a switch, users can switch between sequential or bump-fire modes. I prefer to pull place the gun, pull the trigger, and press it forward to shot the nail. I like the precision style. If you’re the type to go full Rambo and wacky-wack nails one after the other, it does have a bump trigger. You simply pull the trigger and pop the nails in one after the other while keeping it pulled.

It comes with Dry-fire lockout protects the cordless framing nailer from premature failure, and this seems to occur when 6-8 nails are remaining. When you encounter a jam, there is a jam-release lever on the front face of the nailer. Engaging the jam release completes the cycle of the firing mechanism, so the whole process resets and starts over. Actually jammed nails can be removed by loosening 3 screws on the nose piece.

There’s a lot to talk about in the features category for the DEWALT DCN692 20V Max Framing Nailer, the last for the best cordless framing nailer indispensable a depth adjustment. You’ll find the depth of drive adjustment wheel. This can pretty easily be adjusted with your thumb and has 11 positive clicking positions to help you gauge where you’re at.

The fact that I have no compressor and hose to drag around, nor gas cartridges to keep replacing gives this nailer a convenience factor that outweighs its limitations. If you’re a pro needing a framing nailer for occasional use and want to go cordless, the DEWALT DCN692 20V  Max Cordless Framing Nailer is one of the best cordless framing nailers for you.

How Does a Cordless Framing Nailer Work?

How Do Combustion Nail Guns work?

They use a long blade that is attached to a sliding piston that is moved by an imbalance in atmospheric pressure. The difference is where this pressure comes from. As the name suggests, these models use internal combustion, just like cars, to generate the driving force that fires the nail. These models are designed with a combustion chamber that is located above the sliding piston. Gas cartridges provide fuel into the chamber. This flammable gas is ignited by a small battery or spark plug. It causing tiny explosions that generate the force needed to drive the nail.

These models are capable of tackling heavy-duty projects and delivering solid performance. But you’ll likely have to replace the gas cartridges fairly frequently with large-scale projects

How do Battery Nail Guns work?

Battery-operated nail guns are the simplest models out there and are perfect for most hobbyists and DIYers. combustion to generate a driving force, these electric models use a rotating electric motor that compresses a powerful spring. When you pull the trigger, the spring is suddenly released, creating the force needed to drive the nail into wood.

The major benefit of these models is that they are cordless and offer quick start-up. It’s relying on a rechargeable battery to power the motor. The drawback of these models is that they don’t offer the same impressive driving power of fuel-powered models, so they’re better suited for light and medium-sized projects.

What Does The Best Cordless Framing Nailer Do?

Cordless framing nail guns are used for some of the biggest tasks you’ll have to tackle at home. They’re the most powerful and the nails you’ll use will ensure any job never falls apart. let’s look at what they’ll be used to do.

Framing Houses From Scratch – You’ll only need to do this if you’re in the construction industry, but with the best cordless framing nailer you’ll be able to frame houses with ease.

Building Additional Rooms – It will have to be as tough as your home is at the moment. Only an experienced DIYer could ever attempt this, but you’ll be able to frame extra rooms with the right skills.

Working With Metal Joist Hangers – A few models of framing nailers will allow you to attach metal joist hangers and straps. This will ensure the nails are accurate when they go in. It’s unfortunate you’ll not be able to do this with every single framing nail gun on the market.

Remodeling Your Current Home – This relates specifically to anyone with plaster walls in their rooms. If you’re banging non-stop with a hammer the plaster isn’t going to look pretty when you are done.

Fencing Your Garden – Do you remember how long it takes to paint an entire fence? Imagine how long it would take you to put one together. With a cordless framing nailer, you’ll be able to do it in a fraction of the time and nailing in the boards will take much less effort.


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