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Last updated: November 25th, 2019

Perhaps, if he had the best artificial grass, it would not have happened. Jim Ficken, A Dunedin man faces sky-high fines up to nearly $30,000 and possible foreclosure on his home after code enforcement cited him for overgrown grass in his yard. Because the man who mowed his yard unexpectedly died and the grass hadn’t been cut.

There is dozen reason that makes your stress out, tire and unsatisfied with your lawn. With real grass, you must cut regularly, To look good, a lawn needs to be fed on a regular basis, sometimes the lawns have a bad reputation as being the cause of polluting water sources. At this time, the best artificial grass is the smart choice that always looks nice, less maintenance, even with the clean task you just need a most powerful pressure washer. It will save you time and more importantly, it will save water and keep your water bill down. 

At the past, Artificial grass tends to get overlooked as gardening essential, mainly due to its unfair reputation of being a tacky, plastic bright green, cheap alternative to real grass.  Today, this is no longer true. Artificial grass has evolved, it’s now so similar to real grass that you simply can’t tell the difference. There are many benefits to installing artificial grass. Considering the alternatives though, an artificial lawn is a pretty good choice and well worth the investment of time, effort and money.

You Know?  Install the artificial grass may be easy to DIY with several basic tools like a reciprocating saw, cordless drill, a few nails, the rake, flamming nailer... 

Unfortunately, has quite a lot of the choices on the market when to choose the best artificial grass for your home. It comes with a variety of brand, price, pile type, and price. This makes the choice the right artificial grass sometimes is a daunting task. 

That is the reason we right here to provides for you our knowledge about the fake grass and hope this little knowledge will help you choose the right best artificial grass and more important make your home greater.

But the first, look through some top our pick the best artificial grass that may be good for you.

Advance of The Best Artificial Grass

Advance of the  best artificial grass

We all want to make life easier for ourselves, particularly when it comes to maintaining our home. There are countless benefits to having artificial grass installed in your garden.

In addition to eliminating the need to water your lawn, artificial grass also eliminates the need for time-consuming lawn maintenance. So, instead of spending your time mowing, fertilizing, and water your yard, you can get back to enjoying it with your friends and your children.

So, what are the benefits of the best artificial grass comes to?

Here we’ve outlined a few major advantages of switching to fake grass over living with below-par, muddy natural garden grass. 

Save Water and Reduce Your Water Bills

Use Artificial Grass to save water

Normally a real lawn would require regular watering in the early morning and late evening, but artificial grass never needs water. The Artificial lawn can help avoid this risk altogether, as it doesn’t need water to thrive. In fact, you could enjoy up to 70 percent savings on your water bills if you choose artificial grass. The water is becoming more expensive than ever, and may actually result in fines if you accidentally use too much at your household.

Although, the cost to have artificial turf may be more than laying real grass. But just three or four years your water bill savings will see returns on your investment. 

With the ongoing drought is increasing there years, there’s no clear indication the water restrictions will subside. If you were letting your lawn go brown until the drought lifts, you may want to reconsider.

In addition, some states offer cash for grass programs that actually help pay for the replacement of natural lawn for drought-tolerant landscaping solutions.

Low Maintenance

Artificial Grass Low Maintenance

Some people enjoy getting out in their backyard and maintaining their lawn. For the rest us, we’d rather use the lawn to host a barbeque or fourth of July party.

If you’re tired of the time you spend maintaining your lawn, you may find that a fake lawn relieves you of the time and attention it needs to look presentable.

Even the areas of the lawn that get the most traffic, they will only require very minimal effort to keep it looking new. The artificial lawns can withstand almost all weather conditions, hot or cold. It will continue to stay green and closely resemble a real lawn.

So many people absolutely despise this specific chore, but it is a necessary burden when you have a natural lawn. With an artificial lawn, no mower will ever be needed. Plastic grass will never grow, so spend all of your extra time playing on your lawn with friends, family, and pets.

No Fertilizers or Pesticides

Unlike real grass, the artificial lawns stay looking green and lush without any chemical help. And because the material does not provide food or living area for bugs, pest problems are virtually eliminated. The lack of pesticides and fertilizers are good for the environment as well. Also, it’s saving you more money.

More dangerous, the harmful pesticides and herbicides that filter through the soil and drain into the waterways. These chemicals kill, pollute, and pose potential health threats to people, even your pets. 

Safe for Children

Artificial Grass for Kid

Because artificial lawns do not need weed killers, fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemicals, they are totally safe for any child to play on. Many cities are opting to use artificial lawns in place of natural grass in public spaces for this reason.

The most artificial turf is made of high-quality materials that eco-friendly and non-toxic you never have to worry about the safety of your kids or pets. Combine with fire prevention and retardant material is used, it makes safety capacity is significantly higher.

also, worries about children falling over on to a hard surface when playing out in the garden are drastically reduced when you have the artificial lawn. No need to worry about those more daring dance moves of your children during your garden party anymore.

No doubt, the best artificial grass is the safest area for the children in your backyard.

Dogs Love It

Artificial Grass for Dogs

There is no doubt that dogs love to play outside on the lawn. Sometimes they get a bit overzealous and will eat it but the dogs generally ignore artificial lawn. And any mess that is left behind can be cleaned off with just some water with the pressure washer and a mild detergent.

A bonus for the humans that own dogs are that the four-legged friends won’t be able to dig unsightly holes and track dirt and mud through the home. Sometimes the artificial grass also use for the best doormat, you can see your dog lying in front of the house like lying on a grass.

Weeds & Pests

There’s a good chance you’ve seen a commercial or two promoting products developed to eliminate weeds and pests from destroying your natural lawn.

This is another popular pain point artificial lawn resolves, as artificial grass involves a weed-proof foundation and doesn’t attract pests that natural grass attracts.


Natural grass provides weeds the soil needed to grow, artificial grass doesn’t.

Natural grass attracts grubs and other insects that thrive in natural soil. Insects attract other insects and in some cases larger pests, like raccoons, gophers, and snakes.

Best Artificial Grass Reviews

Best Rated Artificial Grass

#1. Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass

Best Rated Artificial Grass

Read Customer Reviews Here>>

Whether you’re looking for a synthetic grass patch to act as a party area, to take the stress out of maintaining your yard, or to breathe some life into your balcony, Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass treats you to the highest-quality authentic grass there is.

By using the best quality artificial grass, Pet Zen Garden comes with lush softness, it so soft you won’t want to step off it. It also substantially heavier than other artificial grasses at similar pricing, the PZG artificial grass weighs more than 70 oz/ per square yard. Also combining a 4-tone hue and 1.7” grass blades, it instantly spruces up any space with a natural-looking touch like real grass.

Made from weather resistant yarns non-toxic, the Zen grass that could weather the harshest sun or torrential rain making it perfect for outdoor and indoor projects. It comes with variety dimension, the patches can also be easily trimmed to size to fit your space’s unique dimensions.

Besides, this grass patch is low maintenance so you don’t need to mow, spray, and apply fertilizer or pesticides. It also has unique polypropylene grass blades that never absorb pee odor and drainage holes for extra-easy clean-up. Just occasionally clean up by pressure washer to keep them hygienically odor-free.

The Zen grass comes with thoughtful design provide easily install, no need to bring a cordless framing nailer just simply is put it and the right place. It will stay in place after as the kids play or as the dogs explore.

With a lot of premium feature, the Zen grass worthy is best rated artificial grass in my top list. We bet it won’t disappoint you.

Best Quality Artificial Grass

#2. ALTRUISTIC Premium Artificial Drainage Holes & Rubber Backing

Best Rated Artificial Grass

Read Customer Reviews Here>>


Made of high-quality synthetic material, superior resilience and durability, constructed of the highest quality UV resistant polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarns, 70 oz total weight per square yard to ensure an extremely High-Density artificial grass. The ALTRUISTIC premium artificial grass is rated is the best quality artificial grass in our list.

This artificial grass patch is super durable with multiple-layer backing, perforated with holes for vertical drainage and highly dense and is guaranteed to last over 10 years. The materials used in its construction are eco-friendly, non-toxic and Its 4 tone pattern is soft, lush and the thatch looks just like natural grass, providing you with year-round green and turf enjoyment, perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.

Addition the blade height is close to 1 3/8” and perfect for that well-manicured look. You would not have to worry about the grass thinning out or dying off during hot or cold weather. 

The install also simple with Altruistic Artificial Grass, just simply is mark and dig out an area, lay out the base, roll out the turf, and seal the matter.

The artificial grass good look to last, durable, eco-friendly and easy install the Altruistic quality Artificial Grass is the best artificial grass for any garden lawns.

Best Price Artificial Grass In Many Size

#3. RoundLove Artificial Turf Lawn Fake Grass Indoor Outdoor

Best Price Artificial Grass

Read Customer Reviews Here>>

Made from high-quality synthetic material can UV and heat resistant, the RoundLove Artificial grass is suitable for the high-temperature area. You can put this artificial grass turf on concrete or other kinds ground. Also, the rubber back with drainage holes, this fake grass mats can be useful during rain and snow weather. 

This durable material provides ability against undue fading and fiber degradation, help this outdoor grass holds up durably without fading. 

It has very natural 4-tone color that simulated with the autumnal grass turf that soft and non-toxic. The grass blade is about 1.2″. Touch-free and not worry about environmental pollution caused by heavy metals.

More durable than common artificial turf, the blades will not fire, can only be melted by fire and can be used many times. The Roundlove synthetic turf grass is great for patios, around pools, sports fields and house decoration.


Best Artificial Grass For backyard

#4. GOLDEN MOON Realistic Artificial Grass Mat

Best Artificial Grass For backyard

Read Customer Reviews Here>>

Gooden Moon is a brand of artificial grass manufacturers they are a 33-year-old family business that has more than 16 years’ experience in providing premium-quality artificial grass, pet grass, and sports grass. The Gooden Moon makes a wide variety of different types to suit specific needs.

So, there needs to be a clear understanding that actually comes in a few grades of quality. The lowest grade of 25 oz,  this type will suit when you simply want to cover up a bare area without much concern over the aesthetics. 

But with their “premium” line, you will is provided high-quality artificial grass with the high pile up to 1 ½ inch with the beautiful natural appearance and high-temperature resistance by 5-color Woven.

In addtion, the golden moon artificial grass adopted the principle of bionics production, so there is no big difference between the natural grass and the artificial grass. It make excellent flexibility let you feel comfortable

That said, It’s will meet any your requirements. But what about quality? 

All their artificial turf is made of the high-quality anti-aging particle with masterbatch which has been tested for color degradation, durability. It also passed the SGS flame retardant test. The grass turf will not cause large area burn when it comes in contact with an open flame. It will suit for BBQ party in your backyard. 

All materials are environment-friendly and the surface can be recycled. According to the manufacturer,  they only use 100% new materials which makes their products safe. So, it can be used for children or pets, and it can be used in various areas such as kids’ rooms. It’s also great for outdoor activities, such as party, wedding, camping, picnics.etc.

So if you are looking for the best artificial grass for backyard, the Gooden Moon artificial grass is the best choice. 

Best Artificial Grass For Dogs

#5. MTBRO Artificial Grass, Perfect Outdoor Grass Mat for Dogs

Best Artificial Grass For Dogs

Read Customer Reviews Here>>

Do you want your dogs to keep away from muddy?

This is the reason to MTBRO produce Artificial Grass that is perfect outdoor grass mat for dogs. The MTBRO turf eliminates all the hassle of mowing, weeding, fertilizing and watering.

Its natural and realistic appearance makes it beautiful.

Their material makes them is safe and kind to pets, non-toxic and feels soft under pet paws. This artificial turf is eco-friendly with authoritative test Guarantee. 

The MTBRO turf patches have drainage holes with coated durable rubber backing to help clear water and wee away quickly.

With the pile height up to1.5” and weighs more than 100 oz/ per square yard. This makes the doggy-do doesn’t sink into the lawn but sits on top for easy removal, and any wee can drain underneath and be easily washed away. Or with a pressure washer, will freshen up any urine smells. 

With amazing features, friendly with pets, and various size the MTBRO artificial grass. So if you are looking for artificial grass safest for children and pets, this is a good place to start.  

Most Realistic Artificial Grass

#6. LITA Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass

Most Realistic Artificial Grass

Read Customer Reviews Here>>

The artificial lawn more and more like real grass, besides the quality and price, the appearance also get more attention.

So What is the most realistic artificial grass? more and more hard to answer.

At this time the reviews of the customer are the most exactly. after 5 hours of research and read hundreds of reviews we discovered the LITA realistic fake grass

LITA realistic artificial turf currently has more 230 reviews on Amazon. With these reviews, the product has an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Most of the consumers who purchased this product were extremely happy. And many people were talking about thatch looks just like natural grass of it. That says, it is one of the best realistic artificial grass on the market. 

This more is affirmed when it made of high-quality synthetic material, superior resilience, and durability. Also, with 4 tone pattern is soft, lush make the thatch looks just like natural grass.

The LITA realistic artificial grass constructed of the highest quality UV resistant polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarns. It comes with 70 oz total weight per square yard to ensure an extremely high-density artificial turf . It providing you with year-round green and turf enjoyment, perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects.

The Blade height is close to 1 3/8” and perfect for that well-manicured look. It has been designed in a way so that they will stand up straight without using any type of infill to keep them in place. However, if you are installing the fake grass in a high traffic area it is a good idea to use an infill product to keep the mats in place.

If you are looking for the most realistic artificial grass to use, this fake grass from LITA has a lot to offer and definitely should be considered.

Best Synthetic Grass

#7. PET GROW PG1-4 Artificial Grass Rug

Best Artificial Synthetic Grass

Read Customer Reviews Here>>

The PET GROW Realistic Artificial Grass Rug is designed to be thick and realistic. It has pile height about 1.37” in length70 ounces of total weight per square yard. This product is made with 4 different colors to give it a realistic look that resembles live grass.

It also made of resistant synthetic material high temperature provides superior resilience & durability. Combine rubber backed with a drainage hole, easy to clean and can be dry quickly. It especial suit for outdoor projects.

This artificial grass is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It also soft and lush so that your pets and children will enjoy playing on it. Sometimes it is used as a mat, carpet, doormats in the indoor home. 

If you are looking for the best Best Synthetic Grass the PET GROW Realistic Artificial Grass is the best for you.

Best Artificial Grass Buying Guide

When the demand for artificial lawn grows, so does the choice and different types of grass on the market. They comes with a variety of brand, price, pile type, and price. This makes the choose the best artificial grass sometimes is a daunting task.

 So we have produced a definitive guide to the artificial lawn. It covers off everything you need to consider when to choose the right artificial grass for your landscape.

Naturally, each of the above types of usage requires different strengths and qualities in an artificial lawn. Below you’ll find some useful information to help you choose the best artificial grass to suit your own individual needs.


When choosing a fake grass for your garden, start by looking at the potential grasses from an aesthetic point of view. This is because it is, of course, extremely important that you choose an artificial grass. You’ll enjoy looking at and that improves the look of your landscape. I mean, you should choose artificial turf that more beautiful both daytime with sunny and night time with the best landscape lighting


The best quality artificial grass, in general will makes feeling soft when to the touch, it made of polypropylene or polyamide, or polyethylene yarns. In addition to this, quality artificial grass will be evenly backed and will have well-stitched tufts and consistent color.

The hight quality artificial turf will be more expensive than the others, It is going to be a long-term investment. You’ll get more from it.

This is the reason we rate “quality” is the second important factor when to choose artificial turf. Most artificial turf rugs have a guarantee of between 5 to 15 years. This is one factor you should look for before investing in one. If you are looking for a grass lawn to serve you long term, then go for one with a long-term guarantee.

Artificial Grass Face Weight

Another main factor to considerations that will help you decide which product is right for your project is determining the face weight that will best suit your needs.

The face weight of synthetic grass is the weight of the yarn in one square yard of grass.This includes the blades and thatch only and does not include the infill or backing.

The Face weight generally ranges from about 30 ounces to about 90 ounces, while the most of the turf products folks will want for residential use will fall between about 50 ounces and 80 ounces per square yard. This, of course, Choose the right face weight of grass will depend on your budget and how you intend to use the grass.

The Artificial grass face weight is an indicator complex of density and durability. The higher density of yarn fibers will also make the grass with the higher face weight feel fuller and lusher. And, a higher face weight denotes a higher-quality product that will cost more than options with a low face weight.

So if you want to have the lawn that feels more like real grass, that withstands heavy traffic. The higher face weight type is the best artificial grass for you.

Pile Height

Pile height refers to the length of the grass blades from above the backing to the tip. Choosing the best artificial grass that has a taller pile height may seem logical if you want a lush-looking lawn.

However, longer grass blades will be heavier and due to the gravitational pull, will bend over themselves. Consequently, this will make your lawn look flat as time goes by.

For those that like the look of freshly cut grass, anything between 25-30mm is a good choice. For a natural looking lawn, we recommend choosing something between 30-38mm. Anything higher than 38mm and you risk having flat-looking grass.

The reason for this is the longer the blade the heavier the blade will be and the more likely that gravity will bring it down leading to flat-look, rather than lush-look grass.

We also realize that shorter pile heights do perform better than longer piles in the long term for grasses manufactured using either polypropylene or polyethylene.

There is another factor related to piles right below for you. Let’s go


Another thing to consider before making a purchase is the amount of traffic in the area you wish to install artificial grass on. If you have pets or kids who love playing outdoor games, you’ll have to install a turf that is highly durable.

Think about where you are going to install the artificial lawn will much influence on the lifetime of it. Installing less durable turf in an area that sees heavy traffic will cause the turf to wear out quickly. So make your choice depending on how you’ll be using the turf-covered area in the future.

Pile Density

Comparing the pile density of artificial turf is also important when to choose the best artificial grass.

The greater the pile density, the lusher the grass will look like real grass while low pile density fake grass can look sparse and thin.

For heavy use areas like the front yard, back yard or patio where you organize the parties, the son and pet’s play every afternoon. we recommend choosing a dense pile with somewhere between 16,500 and 18,000 stitches per square meter.

For lawns that receive low levels of foot traffic, you may want to consider a thinner lawn with somewhere between 13,000 and 16,000 stitches per square meter, as you will find this to be more cost-effective.

Colour of Artificial Grass

Anyway, the artificial turf still just fake grass, in general, the best artificial grass is the most similar real grass possible.

In general, let’s away from turfs that are too perfectly green. If you opt for grass that is too perfectly green, then your lawn will look more like a bowling green than the natural look you want. The realistic artificial grass has different shades of green along with some brown flecks too. 

The greens come in different shades, olive greens, darker greens, and lime greens. While you can choose a turf of any color depending on your personal preference.
Let take samples outside and see which one looks great in the sun and will complement your house.

Also, artificial turf comes with a wide range of color, great for displays, playgrounds, exhibitions and events, or even just for a funky garden lawn.


Artificial grass has a backing that is either polyurethane or latex. The former doesn’t contract or expand while the latter can shrink or expand by 5-10 mm. As such, polyurethane backing will be a better choice in areas that experience extreme weather changes.

Knowledge about where install your artificial lawn and choose the right backing for your artificial grass will help it enduring to last. 

Bottom Line

Choose the best artificial grass always a daunting task. Hope our article was provided for you the basic knowledge about the artificial lawn. Now. If you ask what is the best artificial turf ? We will answer it is Zen Garden PZG Premium Artificial Grass. What about you? Please make your own assessments below with your own experiences.


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